The Ubuntu desktop system
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This package depends on all of the packages in the Ubuntu desktop system

It is also used to help ensure proper upgrades, so it is recommended that it not be removed.
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perjo132 11 years ago

looks awesome. works well. k incase anyone gets stuck like me to enable unity go into compiz settings manager and select preferences on the side. change profile to unity may freeze your comp for 20 second then its on!

linuxfanatik 11 years ago

Not a happy bunny! I joined Ubuntu at 6.6 - a long time. Recently, the changes that have taken place have driven me away. If only Mark Shuttleworth would leave things be. You don't need to fix something that is already good - now its a chimera - not being one thing or the other. I give it one. In Mint it is perfect with Debian and works well with the superb backup team here - Thanks Guys! Your the best!

AllGamer 11 years ago

it's ok, the default themes could be a little slimmer to save screen real state, something like Mint's default theme

horro 11 years ago

Integrates well in Linux Mint

garyc 11 years ago

So glad this works in Mint ! Very useful backup

hellangel 11 years ago

do like it do try !

aozora 11 years ago

Ubuntu One等が使えるようになりました。