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sagart23 2 days ago

Zoom was not working well on Linux mint 19.3, i could not see the participant so was not able to add them to the meeitng. On linux Mint 20 it is working well. However since yeaterday (8th July) i am experinecing the screen freezes. These seem to be no reason. I am new to Linux, i dont know how to kill the app, so i had to restart the system and continue the meeting. Some time was wasted in doing that.

XP_Studios 1 week ago

not only does zoom suck on linux, it ruined my quarantine!

dpaterso 1 week ago

Took forever to install (no way to monitor what was going on in Software Manager), then did not launch. Complete failure. I am removing now rather than fool with it.

gerharddvs 1 month ago

This is an old verion. The latest version can be downloaded here:

drryan 1 month ago

I realize this is a kernal issue but zoom will unexpectedly simply freeze everything to the point that a hard reboot is required. This is something that needs addressing with everyone having to use it for meetings.

eddiedoesIT 3 months ago

Using HP Pavilion g7. After installing Zoom my webcam stops working. Had to reinstall Linux to get it back.

mrvinceo 3 months ago

No issues with this so far on 19.3. Screen share, Chat, Breakout rooms etc. working as expected - good work!

RoMuu 5 months ago

Application starts slowly, is buggy and the app window has some graphic issues ... but it works on 19.3

rbespalovnc 1 year ago

Screen Sharing is buggy is hell. I advise to download the package from the official Zoom site and install manually.

trope1 1 year ago

Worked fine, I installed it using the mint new programs, I did not have to run any extra code which is mentioned in some of the comments for it to work.

nodeja 1 year ago

I installed works fine. The catch is, after the install and the error on the dependencies, run : sudo apt-get -f install to finish the install of the needed dependencies

boomhower182 2 years ago

will not install at all, gets to dependencies and stops. I downloaded the .deb package from and it installed with now issues

jackercracker 2 years ago

Installed no problem for me. Be sure you check the audio/video before starting your meeting. Also, make sure your Zoom sound settings are the same as your computer sound settings. E.g. in my case, I make sure both have Analog Surround 2.1 Output selected, otherwise it won't work. My Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 didn't require any drivers to install - Zoom automatically recognized it.

shawnboy99 2 years ago

Does not install. Downloads, then it goes to get dependencies, after a while, it ends, and still not installs.