Window picker applet for gnome
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The window picker applet is a gnome panel applet that displays open windows as icons on the panel, and has integrated window title-bar functionality. optimised for use on netbook-size screens.
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bensoliman 9 years ago

Great for netbooks.

Xyie 9 years ago

Looks like a good tool for customizing Gnome for a small screen. Offers all non-maximized windows as icons for saving space, and uses the rest of the space for a title bar of the maximized window. I think i've seen a suggestion to use this one with "maximus" if I remember the name correctly, so that the window title bar doesnt' take up extra space when maximised, but instead moves to this applet.

nivapo 9 years ago

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captainhaggy 9 years ago

In meinen Augen ist es besser als das Fenster-Applet. Wenn man nur ein paar Symbole hat, ist das viel ├╝bersichtlicher!