Realtime software synthesizer for Linux
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A real-time software synthesizer for Linux and Windows with many features, including polyphony, multi-timbral and microtonal capabilities. It includes randomness of some parameters, which makes warm sounds, like analogue synthesizers. It has system/insertion effects too, and much more.
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johynpapin 6 years ago

Un très bon logiciel, une grande banque de son, je recommande!

shdawson 7 years ago

Great learning and performing tool, cannot go wrong spending time with this application.

niks 7 years ago

Use it as a VST in Windows and Linux

MattOne 8 years ago

My favourite linux synth so far, it offers a wide selection of instruments. Connect a MIDI keyboard using JACK and you are sure to have a lot of fun!

phllbit 8 years ago

Brillaint! This program, hooked up to a simple midi keyboard, is insane! If you are into any kind of sound design or creation, this is a must tool for the serious composer and any one else.

heltonbiker 10 years ago

It has features you would expect in a very high-end synthesizer workstation, plus some more, with low demand on hardware and a lot of interoperability. Definitely a must-have!