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RayWoods (7127xp)

Jac978 (2607xp)
Implemented - "MintReinstallMyApps"
score: 68, 76 votes and 12 comments
Implemented - Section for the users to vote/suggest the apps they like or use most
score: 24, 31 votes and 5 comments
Implemented - Sort ideas by date, not by most voted
score: 22, 27 votes and 6 comments
Implemented - Moderate new ideas (from new usernames)?
score: 19, 22 votes and 5 comments
Implemented - Improve font management in LinuxMint
score: 12, 23 votes and 5 comments
Implemented - Sort 'Hardware Devices' search results by column
score: 12, 15 votes and 1 comments
Implemented - Add packages to LiveDVD to run when booting from itself only (not to install)
score: 3, 15 votes and 5 comments
Implemented - Sort softwares by date of installation
score: 3, 16 votes and 4 comments
Considered - Suggest apps for unassociated file extensions upon double-click
score: 11, 21 votes and 2 comments
Considered - "MintHardwareDetect" to run from LiveCd of new release
score: 11, 24 votes and 5 comments
Considered - Create a Bug Report Tool to report bugs directly from inside Mint
score: 10, 25 votes and 10 comments
Considered - Section with users' blogs
score: 9, 20 votes and 1 comments
Considered - Add "tile windows [vertically|horizontally]" to context menu
score: 8, 23 votes and 6 comments
Considered - Decrease the (increasing) gap between LiveCD and LiveDVD
score: 7, 19 votes and 3 comments
Considered - Create a 'wizard' and a 'non-wizard' mode on MintSoftware
score: 6, 18 votes and 3 comments
Considered - Create "MyLastBigComputerProblem" chronicles section
score: 3, 23 votes and 6 comments
Considered - Merge terminal on Nautilus to "open window in terminal" functionality
score: 1, 17 votes and 4 comments
Under dev. review - RSS for this community site
score: 56, 60 votes and 14 comments
Under dev. review - Small optional tutorial about partitioning strategy available during system install
score: 38, 42 votes and 10 comments
Under dev. review - Add "badges" or any visual distinction for members of development team on idea comments
score: 33, 43 votes and 8 comments
Under dev. review - Create "Request Tutorial" section
score: 26, 37 votes and 9 comments
Under dev. review - Ask the site user to update hardware status after release upgrade
score: 19, 23 votes and 3 comments
Under dev. review - Keep text on comment textbox if the user clicks on "vote" buttons
score: 17, 22 votes and 3 comments
Under dev. review - Include "Add New Idea" icon on the "Community>Ideas" section
score: 17, 21 votes and 2 comments
Selected - Detect partitioning schema upon system install
score: 50, 59 votes and 8 comments
Selected - Tool to sync personal configuration between machines
score: 18, 28 votes and 6 comments
Selected - Remove libraries from software selection in MintBackup
score: 18, 28 votes and 4 comments
Selected - Formalize advice for good practices by Mint Team
score: 16, 24 votes and 8 comments
Selected - Reinforce LiveUSB as a way to reduce environmental burden
score: 16, 31 votes and 10 comments
Selected - Add "Recently used programs" to MintMenu (similar to Windows XP)
score: 15, 53 votes and 11 comments
Selected - Collect desktop usage patterns in a similar way to Firefox Test Pilot
score: 3, 21 votes and 3 comments
Selected - Include a dedicated 'unetbootin'-like tool for Mint
score: 2, 17 votes and 4 comments
Selected - Use Multiboot as the standard LiveUSB creator for Mint
score: 1, 19 votes and 7 comments
Aspire 5534
Acer Laptop or Netbook, Works fine with some minor problems on Isadora
Intel D945GCNL
Intel Motherboard, Works perfectly on Helena
SyncMaster 932B plus
Samsung Screen/Monitor, Works perfectly on Helena
USB2.0 PC Camera SN9C201
C3 Tech Webcam, Isn't detected or recognized on Isadora
Favorite software:
"very easy yet very complete, native support for various languages, much lighter than any other serious IDE I've used. Very recommended!"
"It has features you would expect in a very high-end synthesizer workstation, plus some more, with low demand on hardware and a lot of interoperability. Definitely a must-have!"
"A must have for those who like to watch movies at the sofa and don't have fancy ecquipment"
"A must have for anyone working with scientific or mathematical data"