Conky - System Monitor For Linux Mint

  9 years ago

Conky is a free, light-weight system monitor for X, that displays any information on your desktop. Conky is licensed under the GPL and runs on Linux and BSD.

It looks like this :



Now if you like it, you should download it from here.

  1. Once you download it, locale and open it ( and Extract the folder .conkytheme on your home folder.
  2. After that press Alt+F2 and type conky -c /home/USERNAME/.conkytheme/conkyrc (Where USERNAME your account's name) and Run.
  3. It should work now



Some tips about Conky


  • If you want to minimize it you can do it by pressing the Show Desktop button or the combination Start+D.
  • If you want to close it open a Terminal from Menu All Applications Accessories Terminal and type sudo xkill [It's a command that Close any window or application]. Then click on Conky's window.
  • If you want to Add conky to Starup programs go to Menu Control Center Startup Application

Press the button Add. Now type

Name: Conky

Command: conky -c /home/USERNAME/.conkytheme/conkyrc (Where USERNAME your account's name)

and press the button Add.

Restart your computer.




In case you don't like the position of Conky's Window you can change it with the following method: (I'm gonna show you how to put it (the window) at the botton of your screen)

  1. Open your home folder and press Ctrl+H to see your hidden files                                
  2. Next locale the folder .conkytheme and open inside of it the file conkyrc.                  
  3. A window like this should appear to you

      Press the Button Display.                                                                                                                  

  1. Now go to the title # Conky positioning.                                                                                                                                                                                         
  2. Change aligment from top_left to botton_left



If you have any querie, don't hesitate to ask. wink

MagicMint 7 years ago

Nice customization.

roht 10 years ago

I'll have to give it a try :)

tsironakos 10 years ago

Yeah! Conky is pretty neat. I had it on several Linux distros with plenty of awesome themes. If I remember right, I had Conky Colors.

blueXrider 11 years ago

If you really want to see some nice work take a look here in the forums

blueXrider 11 years ago

Nice tutorial, but "Conky" doesn't work for me. Has issues with "Compiz" it makes my windows multiply when dragged

ivy_s 11 years ago

My desktop looks better now. ;)

kamaro 11 years ago

Very good! Nice and easy..

yves910 11 years ago

Now, it's simply !
Marvelous !

kazztan0325 11 years ago

This theme looks very nice!
and this tutorial is easy for newbie to understand!
Good job!!

zaenal1234 11 years ago

Excellent, I put on my desktop. after, I install Conky via Synaptic.P.M.

CARPY2934 11 years ago

The dancing penguin is ace,made me laugh anyway.any tutorial is always good for us newbies.

efthialex 11 years ago

I fixed the RC file.
Thank you @edem

edem 11 years ago

There's a couple of tweaks/fixes for your rc. First, there's no such thing as border_margin; use border_inner_margin and border_outer_margin instead. Second, if you use own_window_type, then the own_window_hints setting will be ignored - works better with own_window_type desktop. Also, the rc tries to run ~/.scripts/, which isn't included in the pack.

Apart from these, it's a very nice design, and works as a charm.

French 11 years ago

Elisa says "What about to mention about other way or style to place those information? "

This is only possible if there is a way to upload or post your own .conkyrc
I personal think it's easier to do this on one of the Forums of the Local Communities

For example

efthialex 11 years ago

I changed the Link.

efthialex 11 years ago

For mikefreeman
These are the download links
I reupload them
Try to download them again and if it doesn't work sent me a message with your email, and i'll sent you the file

For Elisa
Good idea,i'll think about it when i'll have some free time.I'm kind of busy right now. ;-)

For nicu
Your welcome!

Elisa 11 years ago

I suppose it'd be better to upload once and to more servers in one shot :P like here:

mikefreeman 11 years ago

The download link says the file is unavailable.

Elisa 11 years ago

What about to mention about other way or style to place those information? Other style than those bars with that large grey-background bar? :O :)

nicu 11 years ago