General Rules and Guidelines for Community Ideas and Tutorials:

  9 years ago


Dear Members,

This is an unofficial Guide lines created by Mint Community on the basis of 'Before you post read this' in the forums by @Husse . This guidelines will always be constantly amended. Anybody can contribute to it by giving a comment.


I will request mods to have a look at it and kindly correct any points / issues that they find that are needed to be changed / deleted.

This is an effort to help moderators reduce their time to create one and gives them a ready framework, making things easy for them.


Full credit to

@husse for original concept,

@blueXrider to think of implementing it to community in an idea Etiquette,

@kazztan0325 for adding attributes i.e. rich text formatting in ideas and comments.


Welcome to the Mint Community!

We hope you enjoy using the community.

To know moderator rights and number of moderators click here.

Guidelines are intended to help reduce similar ideas being posted and tutorials (some have nothing to do with Mint eg: references to lottery or meaningless software.)

General Rules for Community Ideas and Tutorials:

1) Do not rush to create an idea / Tutorial. Do not dump everything that you have in mind, no offloading of frustration please. Think over an issue. Have patience. Create a rough draft in a word processor like writer. After proper formatting, copy paste in the description box.

2) Use (decent) standard English. The Mint community have "always" been written in pretty good English. Not all here are native English speakers (including parts of the team, like Clem and Husse)

3) Posts added to a very old topic will be ignored - it is hard enough to keep track as it is.

4) Be polite - the forum behaves so well generally that this is really not necessary to point out.

5) Spam and other posts that are completely out of order will be deleted without further notice.

6) User names that are offensive or clearly intended only for spam (contains certain letter combinations known to be used by spammers) or used for spam will also be deleted and/or banned without further notice.

7) Offensive names can be, but is not limited to, names that have sexual and/or political content

8) Be warned - this happens even if you have posted "real posts" before

9) Do not post references to pirated softwares.

10) If you vote an idea or tutorial, please comment (appreciation or reason for rejection).



Guidelines for creating an Idea:


1) Search for idea in the community. Also have a look at forums titles 'Suggestions & New Ideas', 'Community Projects' and its sub-forum 'Ideas & Thoughts'

2) While posting an idea, please mention the need for this idea, how will it be beneficial and the possible solution by you.

3) If you have a new idea or tutorial create one,. However, If you differ slightly, or wish to add some more points, please indicate this in comment in an existing idea. This will avoid almost duplicate content. It is always better to amend existing idea (with due credit given to member who gave inputs for amendments) than creating similar ideas.

4) Be patient: If your idea is not considered or voted or commented immediately, please do not repeat it as a new idea. One post is enough. Every one here including Mods, devs and even Clem are not paid. They have other commitments like family, job / business. There can be days when one do not have time for Mint Community.

5) For better formatting and representation use html tags and attribute. This can be used in Idea and while commenting.

<> is opening tag and </> is a closing tag.

Please note that forum uses BB code which uses [] [/] square brackets.


bold: use b inside opening and closing tag a closing tag is 

italics: use i

upderline: use u

Bold: <b>Idea</b>

Italics: <i>Idea</i>

Underline: <u>Idea</u>

Add an external clickable link

<a href="URL">Title</a>

To open link in new page


<a href="URL"target="_blank">Title</a>


Note: if you do not wish to add any title, but just make the url clickable, use url instad of title.


Anything in between > and </a> is considered as text.

<a href="URL"target="_blank">URL</a>

Insert image:


1) Upload the screen shot to 'Picasa Web Albums' with 'Shotwell'.

2) Log in 'Picasa Web Albums', and open the screen shot. ( My Photos > Shotwell Connect > )

3) Right-Click on the screen shot and click 'Copy Image URL' on the context menu.

4) Paste the Image URL into the tag which I showed in my first comments.

You may use your favorite image management software and online image storage service, of course.


<img src="URL/of/Image" width="480" height="320" alt="" align="left" /><br clear="left">

To Insert Smaller Image in comments use:

<img src="URL/of/the/image" width="120" height="90" alt="" align="left" /><br clear="left">




Guidelines for creating Tutorial:

1) Please explore forums 'Tutorials / Howtos'. Your tutorial may be posted in forums as well.

2) Tutorial needs to be reviewed by a moderator before being public. Once the moderator has reviewed it, he / she will categorize under proper category. Read more about moderator rights.

3) Be descriptive.

4) Tutorial supports, rich text editing. Take full advantage of it. Picture is worth 1000 words. Please insert images wherever necessary.



Don't fix it if it ain't broken, don't break it if you can't fix it - Husse


Thank you

MagicMint 6 years ago

The off-the-shell version of shotwell doesn’t connect to picasa any more, because cinnamon doesn’t provide gnome’s account settings. It can be still used though, see tutorial

sunewbie 7 years ago

Thank you for kind words. I have not been active since many months.

You can upload any photo on

It does not require any account, though having an account is advisable. The catch is that at times the images gets deleted accidentally. Can't complain as it is a free service. In this case you will have to re-upload it and change url accordingly.

This tutorial was created with the intention of being helpful to mods to create an official one. There were talks to made it easily visible, but things did not worked out.

I have also given link in the forums section

Please see 5th post.

All tutorials by default need to be approved and categorized by mods. Hence it is likely that mods are aware of this tutorial. Rest is left to mods.

Mostly image formats are png or jpg.

I am not aware about size restrictions.

Thank you

Korpu 7 years ago

Thank you, that is what I was looking for and couldn't find in main menu of this website. Is there any way to make it more visible from home page? More information on tutorial requirements and limits (characters, Kb for images, image format, there to host them) will be very helpful.

telcnas 8 years ago

One I was looking for...(section : image in comments)....thanks....

sunewbie 9 years ago

ok. Thanks.

I have a copy in libreoffice writer. Since the html ref is are only a few, every time I edit this article, I copy paste the codes.

In html source, everything is rendered inside tags.

I do not have knowledge of html, this makes thing difficult. But, I will try next time what you say and hope that it works better.

trollboy 9 years ago

So far, what I have found is this.
Rendered correctly as HTML
<strong>HTML as text</strong>

Unfortunately, even in the latter case, the editor seems to render it as HTML when editing a tutorial. The only solution I have found is to press the source button on the editor and save that as a text file locally, edit it as HTML and then paste it back into the source view.

I don't know if that is caused by ckeditor or what the site is passing to ckeditor.

sunewbie 9 years ago

Thank you @bluXrider .

I feel that simple bold, underline, italics, hyperlink and at the most inserting images should do the job for most of us.

For those how wants advance editing, you have given a good resource.

sunewbie 9 years ago

ok. please let me know if you find a solution

trollboy 9 years ago

Sorry, having just done a quick test, it appears that the software doesn't like those either :(. I'll keep trying though.

sunewbie 9 years ago

sorry I did not get it. I am not a programmer nor a designer

Do you mean to say that instead of less than sign I should use & lt;

Please explain in detail.

Can you please write down the codes so that I can copy paste them in right places. Will this keep the format same, even if I edit tutorial.


trollboy 9 years ago

& lt; (no space) = <
& gt; (no space) = >
& quot; (no space) = "

Google HTML entities for a bucketload more

trollboy 9 years ago

Replace the less than and greater than signs with & lt; and & gt respectively. There should be no space between the first two characters.

sunewbie 9 years ago

the problem is that if I edit the tutorial, codes are automatically converted into the results. This is the reason why you saw dead links instead of code.

Every time I click edit button, I have to modify the codes explaining rich text :(

sunewbie 9 years ago

Done thank you.

I needed to add them as codes :)

blueXrider 9 years ago

Excellent, however check the tags for "title" and "URL" they are dead links.

Thanks for the credit but it wasn't needed.

Very nice. Noted: reviewed already by @oscar799: