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Implemented - Mint 13 XFCE
score: 28, 40 votes and 31 comments
Implemented - New ideas and tutorials since last visit and new category - most commented
score: 15, 18 votes and 17 comments
Implemented - PDF printer and PDF editor combined with PDF reader installed by default.
score: 3, 13 votes and 11 comments
Considered - An 'Ignore' button in Update Manager
score: 11, 20 votes and 15 comments
Considered - Terminal help file
score: 11, 18 votes and 9 comments
Considered - Tutorial Quality control
score: 7, 14 votes and 9 comments
Considered - [Community Site] Ability to delete PM in Outbox
score: 6, 13 votes and 4 comments
Considered - Disclaimer
score: 5, 12 votes and 8 comments
Considered - Mint Smart Bar | Mint Saral Bar | Mint Awesome Bar
score: 2, 14 votes and 2 comments
Under dev. review - [Software Manager] Basic and Advanced option in Software Manager
score: 17, 23 votes and 14 comments
Under dev. review - [Software Manager] separate section in software manager which will showcase Cinnamon themes, applets, and extensions
score: 17, 23 votes and 5 comments
Under dev. review - One click generate a list of installed apps and an app to install them in another click on fresh upgraded distro
score: 11, 21 votes and 14 comments
Under dev. review - [Software Manager] Add 'Freeze Version' in Software Manager
score: 5, 12 votes and 0 comments
Selected - Linux Beginners Search Engine
score: 17, 25 votes and 54 comments
Selected - [Community Site] Link to PM in Email notification should land on login page and not blank page
score: 15, 18 votes and 6 comments

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Favorite software:
"a must for every PC"
"light, works well. Makes me think to replace clementine"
"best that suits me. Light and no-nonsense traditional desktop"
"light and fast. works well"
"Primary browser, feature rich, using since opera 6.1. Like features such as notes, speed dial, sync, feed reader. Opera for Linux is much better , speedy, more stable and does not freeze on startup, and closes smoothly and completely unlike Windows version 11.51."