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"The entire main point of Makemkv is ripping your purchased movie discs to an easy to work with simple tried and true container and format ( .mkv) while preserving 100% original quality and being able to select specific audio and subtitle tracks as you wish as well as specific video titles ( for the discs that have multiple titles). It ISN'T meant as a Handbrake competitor. If it was, makemkv devs would have BUILT IN a tool that allows you to shrink the size of the movie/titles while allowing some settings in which to tweak that like you can in Handbrake. People need to learn the differences in software tools so they don't post incorrect or incoherent medium or negative reviews about either the software tool as a whole....or parts of it while comparing it to something it isn't meant to compete with."
"I'm using a Blackwidow Elite keyboard and Naga X mouse. I accept the fact that Naga x isn't supported, but it clearly says on the "Open supported devices" button linke that it is supported. I have also installed ( except polychromatic which keeps saying " unable to locate package" per 's instructions ...every other possible software. (sigh). WTF does Razer have to make what I want to be difficult and only supported easily/natively in winblows?? I just want to be able to set a static color, change it, and maybe record macros"
"So far 5 for 5 successfully done. 4-12-21 LM 20.1 Cinnamon "
"1. It's SLOWER than both chrome browser and firefox overall in the following sites,,,,,,, 2. no extensions= limited. What is this....the 90's internet browsers again?"