Download videos from websites like YouTube and many others
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Download videos from websites with an easy-to-use interface. Provides the following features:

  • Convert videos to MP3
  • Supports password-protected and private videos
  • Download single videos or whole playlists
  • Automatically selects a video format based on your quality demands

Based on yt-dlp.

Latest reviews
Stan 1 week ago

Takes over 20 minutes to install and even more to inuinstall it. Takes an hour or more to download a 30 min video (480p) from Youtube. In other words a useless piece of crap.

R-Rpt 3 weeks ago

Really perfect downloader! now i get new update and running again! <3

Marcello_Hoof 4 months ago

Sem dúvidas, o melhor!"

pg82 4 months ago

pretty good, lots of ease, with differentiation of quality

lapolingo 5 months ago

Lade damit ab und an DJ Sets von youtube und es funktioniert wunderbar

Linux-Eddie 7 months ago

Ich lade gerade 1,6 GB herunter - ich glaube, es funktioniert super.

jdr54 8 months ago

Superb! As a recent convert from windows, I missed the ability to use sites such as YTS1 youtube downloads. Awesome job devs!!

toomyg155 8 months ago

works like a charm... LM 20.3

Jeremy 10 months ago

Does only what it needs to, and its great at it.

KIMW 1 year ago

Simple & Efficient

Blasfemis 1 year ago

simple, relaible, just the right level of control and works on all browsers

cosmin1995m 1 year ago

It is simple and works perfectly. I can't ask for more :)

bigbadbootydaddy 1 year ago

good to have a program that works well. this thing is great I've even used it on non Youtube videos used on linux mint 20.2

houstoncarl 1 year ago

Works every time :) Love it. Mint 20.1 Ulyssa

ocotillo 1 year ago

I use this app on Mint, Ubuntu and Debian and it works perfectly. It's simple in comparison to apps like 4K and Winx, (Windows) but in my opinion that makes it better.

Cross_Dresser_Mary 1 year ago

842mb of download, 2.7gb disk space needed? WTH? Then... it does not download video, just audio and the downloaded videos just show the first frame continually.

xhino 1 year ago

300 mb ? the fuck have you put inside that thing

tpcs 1 year ago

So far 5 for 5 successfully done. 4-12-21 LM 20.1 Cinnamon

Tube 1 year ago

Geil! Ein wirklich tolles Programm. Ich kann Videos von allen gängigen Anbietern wie Youtube und den Mediatheken wie ARD, ZDF, NDR, ARTE, WDR, MDR, usw... herunterladen. Es wäre noch schön, wenn das Containerformat (.mp4, .webm) wählbar wäre. Vielen Dank

kelevra 2 years ago

I am using Video Downloader on Mint 20 with no issues. I love the simple interface and the ease of use.