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"Hugo is a really nice too for creating a static website. There is a bit of a learning curve though, and you will need to read though documentation on their site, and maybe watch a few videos. On the plus side, static sites are far easier to host as they require far fewer resources than dynamic generators such as wordpress. Once you are up and running, you just write your content in markdown and hugo creates the html for you - quickly. Hugo runs on command line - no GUI, so read the docs to figure out what to do with it. You may also want to go to their GitHub page for the latest version."
"Better & Faster than du/df when looking for general overview useage. Great for being able to drill down through directories. On large directories, it's the fastest way I know to find how much space is being used by a directory. Start it from the command line : cd into the parent directory, then simply ncdu or sudo ncdu for directories that you as a user may not have permissions for."
"I have used Password Managers for years now, tried quite a few, paid a lot of money each year for some. They are all changed to Bitwarden now. It works really well, on Linux, Android Phones and Windows (those are the ones I have personally used). You can even self host the server side part if you desire. They do have a paid option (low cost) which you don't need in the majority of cases, if you don't want. Persoanlly I paid, becasue it is worth supporting the developers, I still haven't used the extra 'paid' features though. Great app, well worth using, and no I have no affiliating with them or am in no way connected, I Just really like the app they have produced, it's on par with any commercial probduct I have used."
"Absolutly no idea how to get the reference files once this is installed. But I did find this apt dpkg reference guide online:"
"In reply to the other comment about not woring on Linux Miint 19. I am using Mint 19 Cinnamon and it installed (with suggested dependancies) with no problems. I have used th Arial font a few times in text programmes, not yet in others eg graphics or DTP etc yet. No problems so far, all appears to be good for me."