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"Have been using for 3 or so years and loved it. Up until this evening. Cause just no I understood that it breaks my router (!). I noticed a month or so ago that whenever I use torrents on my Linux Mint PC afterwards my internet speed drops to almost zero, sometimes stops working at all. Talked to provider support, they recommended resetting my router to factory presets, which I did, it helped (Fairly decent router Zyxel Keenetic Start). Until the next time I use Qbittorrent. Then I repeated the procedure. Today I realized looking through router logs that there is a port forwarding rule created by Qbit. There is this setting in the program, UPNP forwarding. If you have this weird trouble like I did, uncheck ithe box or just try Transmission. "
"works great and lets you play dos games, some are masterpieces, most are free or almost free. 1. in your home directory (where Documents, Desktop, etc., folders are) create a folder 'dos'. put the folder with your dos game inside that 'dos' folder. now you have a folder, say, 'dune2' inside folder 'dos' 2. run dosbox, type 'mount c ~/dos' (without apostrophe). enter. 3. type 'c:' 4. type 'dir' - you'll see content of dos folder and your dune2 folder listed. 5. type 'cd dune2' to change directory to dune2 6. type 'game.exe' or whatever the game file is called (something.exe)"