x86 emulator with Tandy/Herc/CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA graphics, sound and DOS
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DOSBox is a x86 emulator with Tandy/Hercules/CGA/EGA/VGA/SVGA graphics, sound and DOS. It's been designed to run old DOS games on platforms that don't support it.

The following legacy sound devices are emulated: PC Speaker, Creative CMS/Gameblaster, Tandy 3 voice, Adlib, Sound Blaster Pro/16, Disney Soundsource and a Gravis Ultrasound. MPU-401 is forwarded to the host.
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meir 1 year ago

In ~/.dosbox/dosbox-[ver].conf, change: output=opengl # For non-Windows OSes, use output=opengl instead, so the resolution can be set!

sreesog 1 year ago


caltrop4 2 years ago

still having issues with serial adapters, they are there (ttyUSB0 & ttyUSB1) but sometimes work, sometimes not...

amar_on_LM327 3 years ago

It works as intended. Lets you mount a directory to use at the C: drive, then from there you can put your games and have a blast playing them. Nice product

_pinoydaddy_ 3 years ago

any idea on where can i find dos based games to play on this platform?

oign 4 years ago

works great and lets you play dos games, some are masterpieces, most are free or almost free. 1. in your home directory (where Documents, Desktop, etc., folders are) create a folder 'dos'. put the folder with your dos game inside that 'dos' folder. now you have a folder, say, 'dune2' inside folder 'dos' 2. run dosbox, type 'mount c ~/dos' (without apostrophe). enter. 3. type 'c:' 4. type 'dir' - you'll see content of dos folder and your dune2 folder listed. 5. type 'cd dune2' to change directory to dune2 6. type 'game.exe' or whatever the game file is called (something.exe)

phil995511 4 years ago

Give a Dos software compatibility

mrjohnbates 5 years ago

Best DOS Emulator hands down. One of my favorite Linux Wares.

super 6 years ago

best way to play dos games

taxfree 6 years ago

Masterpiece. Just played old Prehistoric 2. Great!

ephraimshofar 7 years ago

We've been using DOS Emulators for years, and we've been using DOS since the 80s. This is by far the best DOS Emulator we've ever seen on ANY platform.

Xavian_Stormfang 7 years ago

Pretty good port of dosbox. Lets me play all of the classics.

GeorgeCaldwell 7 years ago

Perfectly smooth Emulator. Works exactly like a late 80's and 90's PC.

editor321 7 years ago

Great utility for older games. Even some Steam packages use Dosbox to run their older games on newer systems. Fantastic.

JeZxLee 7 years ago

One of the best apps for linux mint 18 mate 64Bit - works perfectly, love it!

LinuxFan5 8 years ago

TES: Arena is bugging, dont know if normal or not :/

michelsaey 8 years ago

If you want to play some 'retro' and 'old' dos games, Dosbox is the sollution :-)

absoluteZero 8 years ago

Однозначно ставить, если хочется поностальгировать по старым игрушкам

Vandersan 8 years ago


djeneba8333 8 years ago

works great :) thanks for making this package