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"I had an icon problem with this version of Openshot on both LMDE4 and LM Mate . The icons do not all show up (eg. under video preview window and also above the track bars). I installed the standalone program from the website after that and all the icons work as normal. It's a great little program that gets the job done, and has special effects that make the video making fun. Recommend it. If you use the LM software manager version and the icons are barely visible, just head to the website for the standalone (all dependencies worked in). You just need to open the file properties and make it executable (it's not by default) and it works great. I'll post a screenshot of how it appears on LMDE and LM Mate versions. "
"Works great for splitting and merging files which is mostly what I use it for. The program is easy to work with. There is a newer version for LMDE 4 available at the PDF Sam website (4.1.1) that installs easily. Uninstall the older version before installing the updated one (install didn't work until i did that). "