edgar3500 Linux Mint 19.3 Mate
MATE Edition
2022-11-30 11:26:33

Electromechanical technician. Self-taught in information technology's. Radio amateur LU7GAB.
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Title Score
Hardware devices
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Banghó Futura 1521
"Generic" / "Made-in-China" 15.6’’ Laptop with core i5, Works perfectly
Mint 20.x
Generic PC at office
"Generic" / "Made-in-China" i5 processor, Gigabyte board, Works perfectly
Mint 20.x
Generic PC at home
Asus Motherboard PC, Works fine with some minor problems
Mint 19.x
Software reviews
Software Score
"For my work (publication on led advertising screens), I need to quickly control the format, dimensions and other characteristics of the video. Xplayer makes it easy for me with the sidebar by showing "properties". It is one of the first software I install on my LinuxMint machines."
"5 stars for being one of a kind, for many years I used Total Commander (TC) on Windows, but to my surprise I found no GNU/Linux equivalent to TC's "Synchronize Directories" function (in particular they don't delete files on the remote part). I regularly use Double Commander but neither Gnome Commander nor Krusader have such a comprehensive feature as TC. However the modest and small DirDiff does it very well and also up to 5 different folders! I'm using LinuxMint 19.3 Mate at home and LinuxMint 20.2 Mate at the office, you have to create a DirDiff launcher on the desktop because it doesn't register in the menu, but you have to run it from the terminal."
"¿Por qué le sacaron los menus y los botones a la vez?, impráctico. ¿Por qué quieren simplificar tanto? Mejor como estaba en LinuxMint 17.3 Mate ("pluma"). Hay que instalar los complementos "aparte" para que tenga las funcionalidades de la versión anterior."
"I am very disappointed with this one. I come from Linux Mint 17.3 Mate that has Video (Totem), it was very useful to show information about what is playing (properties), playlist among others. Simplicity is not equal to utility."