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Media player
14 reviews

Xplayer is a simple yet featureful media player which can read a large number of file formats. It features :

* Shoutcast, m3u, asx, SMIL and ra playlists support
* DVD (with menus), VCD and Digital CD (with CDDB) playback
* TV-Out configuration with optional resolution switching
* 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 and stereo audio output
* Full-screen mode (move your mouse and you get nice controls) with
Xinerama, dual-head and RandR support
* Aspect ratio toggling, scaling based on the video's original size
* Full keyboard control
* Simple playlist with repeat mode and saving feature
* GIO integration
* Screenshot of the current movie
* Brightness and Contrast control
* Visualisation plugin when playing audio-only files
* Video thumbnailer
* Works on remote displays
* DVD, VCD and OGG/OGM subtitles with automatic language selection
* Extensible with plugins

User reviews:

2 weeks ago
5 Great Player - My favourite for Mint19

1 month ago
4 Smooth player, nice interface, good features. Unfortunately, I was not able to load any subtitles, no matter how I tried.

5 months ago
5 good media player.

10 months ago
5 Amazing media player, and great with playist, I Love it.

11 months ago
1 Doesn't work properly out-of-the-box. Needs to updates in order to run right off the bat, or at least it says it does. When installing Linux Mint on a computer, one of the first things I do is remove this. VLC Media Player has been a much more viable alterative for some time now.

1 year ago
4 slika malo secka

1 year ago
5 Ottimo

1 year ago
2 VLC is vastly superior, why have both? It's just bloat.

1 year ago
3 Good player, but music controls of the sound indicator doesnt work good on LM 18.2 Cinnamon Edition

1 year ago
1 This shouldn't be connected with mint-meta-codecs!

1 year ago
4 Best work with playlist!

2 years ago
4 I would like to have the possibility to minimize it to the panel in the same way banshee does

2 years ago
5 I like it, it pretty simple and lightweight. There is only what I need, nothing others 100 not need functions for me.

2 years ago
5 Default player in Linux Mint and it's actually really good. It don't have so many settings but everything just works and it's fast and have brightness control and a superb playlist. Just drag the files you want to see and go and lie in the sofa. Thumbs up.