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Media player
16 reviews

Xplayer is a simple yet featureful media player which can read a large number of file formats. It features :

* Shoutcast, m3u, asx, SMIL and ra playlists support
* DVD (with menus), VCD and Digital CD (with CDDB) playback
* TV-Out configuration with optional resolution switching
* 4.0, 5.0, 5.1 and stereo audio output
* Full-screen mode (move your mouse and you get nice controls) with
Xinerama, dual-head and RandR support
* Aspect ratio toggling, scaling based on the video's original size
* Full keyboard control
* Simple playlist with repeat mode and saving feature
* GIO integration
* Screenshot of the current movie
* Brightness and Contrast control
* Visualisation plugin when playing audio-only files
* Video thumbnailer
* Works on remote displays
* DVD, VCD and OGG/OGM subtitles with automatic language selection
* Extensible with plugins

User reviews:

4 days ago
4 As mentioned by another reviewer, there's an issue with linux mint 19.1 and h.264 playback. no video, but audio works. Tested that this may be related to proprietary nVidia drivers. Without nVidia drivers (and after reinstalling xplayer) it works fine.

4 weeks ago
4 It Works For Me !

1 month ago
5 Great Player and now my favourite for Mint19 - The addition of fine volume adjustment would make it even better

3 months ago
4 Smooth player, nice interface, good features. Unfortunately, I was not able to load any subtitles, no matter how I tried.

7 months ago
5 good media player.

1 year ago
5 Amazing media player, and great with playist, I Love it.

1 year ago
1 Doesn't work properly out-of-the-box. Needs to updates in order to run right off the bat, or at least it says it does. When installing Linux Mint on a computer, one of the first things I do is remove this. VLC Media Player has been a much more viable alterative for some time now.

1 year ago
4 slika malo secka

1 year ago
5 Ottimo

1 year ago
2 VLC is vastly superior, why have both? It's just bloat.

1 year ago
3 Good player, but music controls of the sound indicator doesnt work good on LM 18.2 Cinnamon Edition

1 year ago
1 This shouldn't be connected with mint-meta-codecs!

1 year ago
4 Best work with playlist!

2 years ago
4 I would like to have the possibility to minimize it to the panel in the same way banshee does

2 years ago
5 I like it, it pretty simple and lightweight. There is only what I need, nothing others 100 not need functions for me.

2 years ago
5 Default player in Linux Mint and it's actually really good. It don't have so many settings but everything just works and it's fast and have brightness control and a superb playlist. Just drag the files you want to see and go and lie in the sofa. Thumbs up.