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"Malware - do not install. Though installed and supposedly removed through the Software Manager, Telegram is littered throughout the file system. Won't uninstall or allow itself to be removed, meaning the 'delete' option is grayed out. No other sw or hw issues existed on this laptop prior to the installaion of Telegram. To get rid of Telegram, it appears only reinstalling the operating system will work."
"Obviously a lot of work went into Master PDF Editor. However, this is not enduser-friendly. $69 for so much effort to go through support to find out how to do simple things is not a good value. LibreOffice works fine for simply signing a pdf document by using GIMP to draw a signature, exporting as a .png image, then importing that image into a document. I purchased Master PDF Editor to more easily sign and edit pdf forms, expecting to use additional features in the future. But no. This was not a good decision. Instructions are not presented clearly. Support is less than helpful. Eight emails asking "