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"SciFiCat: this is not the way to go. Launching it with sudo leads to other issues, such as not being able to install plugins. When installing with flatpack, simply download the udev rules file and place it in the corresponding folder, as mentioned on the gitlab. Go check it out for details. "" Version 0.7 works on Mint 21 directly from Flatpak (I saw some comments suggesting otherwise). They must have fixed the problem. The issue I'm facing is that Openrgb won't recognize aRGB RAM (kingston fury ddr5). Even after all the i2c and grub update shenanigans (Gigabyte mobo). That and the fact that the interface seriously needs a designer :) Therefore 3"
"@charlezo Das hat jetzt bei mir geklappt (sw manager variante). Ich m├╝sste ├╝brigens ein reboot machen. Das erste mal hat die app gecrashed. Jetzt logged in premium alles tip top. (sw manager version works well with Mint 21 cinnamon, I just had to do a reboot as the first attempt at launching the app crashed. Now logged in premium and everything's great)"