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Frustrated with Windows XP I vowed to never use it again. I had been a Windows user all my life and depended on it for a living as I am a web designer by trade. Also I earned my BS in IT from University of Phoenix and Microsoft technologies are what we were taught e.g. Visual Basic, VBScript, Powerpoint, Word. I didn't know there was an alternative besides Apple that is. One day after a blue screen of death I vowed to NEVER use Winblows again. I had already started using alternatives to IE (Firefox) and Outlook (Thunderbird) and word (Open Office), so why not look for an alternative to Windows. Then I found Ubuntu! I was amazed that I could do everything I wanted to do with Ubuntu as I could do with Windows. On top of that, no blue screens of death, no viruses, no fragmentation!!! I was sold. But how could I sell others on Ubuntu? The orangy purple theme just wasn't quite as professional looking as windows to most people I was trying to persuade to make the switch. Then I found Linux Mint which had that polished look I could stand by and endorse when attempting to persuade others to switch to Linux. I am very happy with Linux and just want to share the goodness with others. It is a difficult challenge as most people are convinced Microsoft is king and won't look elsewhere. Fortunately that is changing with Apple Computer sales and Android tablet sales. Who knows what the future will be like, but I hope to see Microsoft out of the picture so the world can concentrate on a more worthy open platform free of prohibitive licensing, security holes and bugs.

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"This is my preferred media player because it will play anything I throw at it and it is full of features. "
"This is a fun game that helps stimulate and improve your brain and its cognitive recognition skills. It is a nice 10 minute distraction out of your busy day."
"This game is totally nostalgic for me. Brings me back to the fun I had at arcades in the 80's"
"This game is addictive and hours of fun and I think it is just as fun as any modern first person shooter game"