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system #1 intel i950, ASUS Sabertooth, Readeon 6450
intel i7-950 CPU/Processor, Works perfectly on Debian
own build system #2
intel i7-950 Desktop computer, Works perfectly on Debian
Favorite software:
"Opera is superb, fast,safe, standards compliant, comes with an email client, which is very much in line with their browser's safety philosofy. Yes, it is not open source but I like that, just because I don't want to see two hundred flavors of it. what opera does is, it allows you to navigate easily, fast, safe without missing anything so you can go on with your life, in other words you are not a slave of the browser . this is a lean and mean machine, I wish most software were like that "
"this is a very good H.D. partitioner, one of the very best in the open source world , the interface has a very nice look, and it is somewhat intuitive. You have to know the very basics of partitioning in Linux if you want to do it manually, but if you let Gparted do it for you, you'll be done in no time. (if you are installing Linux Mint for example ) This is a high quality partitioner, I'm sorprised it is open source. "