GNOME partition editor
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GParted uses libparted to detect and manipulate devices and partition tables while several (optional) filesystem tools provide support for filesystems not included in libparted.
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Chef 1 month ago

Genie Partition Editor

tuganetworks 1 month ago

Não entendo porque está no LiveCD e depois de instalar ele desaparece... deveria de vir instalado.

rmisra1 4 months ago

many time life saver for me

lup89 6 months ago


n0body_special 6 months ago

I've been on dual-boot systems for the last 12 years. Needless to say, I've been through countless nightmares because of this. Gparted has always been my light in the darkness of dual booting. My map and my compass through the treacherous waters of UEFI and GRUB2. My sword and my shield against the terrors of the filesystems. You get the meaning. I've lost count of how many times it has saved my ass. What would I ever do without this. Whoever the developer is, thank you friend.

vanilla_flower_foxy 8 months ago

whoa why isn't this installed by default? not like that's a real problem and normally can respect slim defaults, but that's... definitely not what mint does even on their "light" Xfce version... regardless, excellent program

redhat 11 months ago

Better in mint than some older distros that I can remember. Haven't encountered ambiguous lock problems.

xcirel 11 months ago

It works very well

Lima 11 months ago

O programa mais completo pra gerenciar unidades de memória.

wiospklmt 1 year ago

Всем привет! На офсайте версия 1.4.0. Мантейнеры спят? Собрал из исходников для AMD64.

Kresni 1 year ago

I was able to extend my disk partition for linux using this program. It supports a variety of file systems like ntfs, fat32, ext4 etc. Great tool!

Tube 1 year ago

Ich arbeite viel damit. Sehr gut. Vielen Dank

lapolingo 1 year ago

übersichtlich und funktioniert ohne Probleme, wo andere Partitionierer versagen

alexrsj 2 years ago

El estándar de facto para la gestion gráfica de particiones en Linux. No hay otro igual.

Blasfemis 2 years ago

Just makes life so much easier

tintenpatronen1112 2 years ago

Default disks program gave me this errorr: error deleting partition partition map has no partition map entry. Gparted worked

rickmint20 2 years ago

La aplicación Funciona bien en mi i3-1005G1

atlant 2 years ago

Успел воспользоваться - ошибок не обнаружил, разбивал, менял размер и форматировал.

rdlf4 2 years ago

Come on, we're still stuck at v0.3 but v1 has been out there for MONTHS now and it supports EXFAT partitions out of the box. How much longer is it going to take for that version to be available for Linux Mint? Nothing against building and compiling it myself, but I can't launch it using the menus, I always have to go to the directory and sudo launch the executable from there, which is very tedious and inconvenient. UP THIS VERSION NOW!

Teyrox 2 years ago

Perfecto para reparar unidades USB dañadas :)