GNOME partition editor
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GParted uses libparted to detect and manipulate devices and partition tables while several (optional) filesystem tools provide support for filesystems not included in libparted.
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Kresni 6 days ago

I was able to extend my disk partition for linux using this program. It supports a variety of file systems like ntfs, fat32, ext4 etc. Great tool!

Tube 1 month ago

Ich arbeite viel damit. Sehr gut. Vielen Dank

lapolingo 3 months ago

übersichtlich und funktioniert ohne Probleme, wo andere Partitionierer versagen

alexrsj 8 months ago

El estándar de facto para la gestion gráfica de particiones en Linux. No hay otro igual.

Blasfemis 9 months ago

Just makes life so much easier

tintenpatronen1112 9 months ago

Default disks program gave me this errorr: error deleting partition partition map has no partition map entry. Gparted worked

rickmint20 10 months ago

La aplicación Funciona bien en mi i3-1005G1

atlant 11 months ago

Успел воспользоваться - ошибок не обнаружил, разбивал, менял размер и форматировал.

rdlf4 1 year ago

Come on, we're still stuck at v0.3 but v1 has been out there for MONTHS now and it supports EXFAT partitions out of the box. How much longer is it going to take for that version to be available for Linux Mint? Nothing against building and compiling it myself, but I can't launch it using the menus, I always have to go to the directory and sudo launch the executable from there, which is very tedious and inconvenient. UP THIS VERSION NOW!

Teyrox 1 year ago

Perfecto para reparar unidades USB dañadas :)

_Mint_Condition_ 1 year ago

Very useful for seeing what's taking up storage space on your drive(s) -- comparible to WizTree for Windows. Gparted is an absolute must-have!

ViennaHardRocker 1 year ago

Simply a great partitioning program.

Phill 1 year ago

Is the best you can get to fix or part a disk, no matter what!

josta 1 year ago

Mein Favorit, wenn es um Partitionierung geht. Wichtigster Bestandteil eines neu eingerichteten Linux Mint (und natürlich jeder anderen Distro auch mMg)

Hendrix_Mulota 1 year ago

best partition software on linux, it still performs well on the mint 20.

aaronrv 1 year ago

Best partitioning tool. Highly recommended.

linuxer 1 year ago

This program is included in the Linux Mint installation disk. I changed the size of the main partition (Ext4) on which the operating system is installed, first removing the unnecessary partition and moving the swap area... No losses or errors on the main section. It works fine, I recommend it!

rmisra1 1 year ago

best tool

schorschii 2 years ago

Nice partition editor. Unfortunately exfat formatting is not supported. If you want to format exfat have a look at the Gnome Disk Tool.

Hoerli 2 years ago

Bestes Partitionierungsprogramm was ich bisher kenne. Vielleicht mit den Begrifflichkeinten (vorallem im deutschen) an manchen stellen etwas merkwürdig, aber sehr einfach zu nutzen.