Fast and secure web browser and internet suite
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Opera is a small, fast, customizable, powerful and user-friendly web browser, as well as an internet suite, including an email client, an irc client, and web developer tools (opera dragonfly).
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InvisibleRasta 3 months ago

Not a big fan of closed source browsers, place where I spend most of my time. Overall its a great browser even if i do not recomend or use it.

s41t0 2 years ago

For me, the Opera browser has always been present on my computer. I've been using it since version 5 (Opera 5). It was still running Windows Me. One of the reasons why i use a distro or not is the native support of Opera and Vibaldi. I know it's not open source, but it's a very good browser.

richolate 2 years ago

es muy bueno. (is very good)

asandikci 2 years ago

Actually Opera is one of my favorite Web browser and I am using it now. But not that outdated version. This version and this image is not new. Also there is not mostly multimedia codecs (for example. you can't watch a live stream on youtube). BUT. There is a solution! You can use snap to download Opera. You can solve this problem and you can have a new version of Opera with that way. I hope this problem can solve and there will be a new version of opera asap...

Tanise 2 years ago

It seems outdated, I can't get it to work.

Thrall 3 years ago

I like it beacause we can change the color of the browser. And it's look nicer than chrome.

Canis 3 years ago

Outdated, doesn't work

WhitePhoenix 3 years ago

You guys could not be writing good reviews about Opera 12. It doesn‘t even work any more, let alone being updated. It‘s really too bad. I would have liked having the mail clien in Opera back again. Also would like to get rid of all the bloated features of the current Opera version.

charlesmigaud 4 years ago

Easy to use.

Qwanturank26 4 years ago

it's a good alternative to firefox browser too ! fast and clean UI

-cbd- 4 years ago

I use it more than firefox.

Zelimir 4 years ago

This web browser work very fast on my laptop. Design is also stunning.

Stormy 4 years ago

I use it for its built-in VPN feature, works like a charm!

AlC-Cville 4 years ago

I greatly prefer it to Firefox (slow and memory bloat) and Chromium (big brother is watching you)

Emanuel 4 years ago

Very nice browser and the built-in VPN is nice !

Mumbly58 4 years ago

Very good, i use it majority of the time.

Davekc1di 4 years ago

Great Browser use it for 90% of my web browsing.

fanec75m 4 years ago

use it for VPN feature, good piece of software

rawaniajay 4 years ago

Most Underrated Browser. It Works Great !

Chatso 4 years ago

Great browser, but it's too bad that the built-in VPN doesn't work for netflix