1 year ago
Architecture: amd64
Type: Cinnamon
Status: Rejected
clem 11 months ago

OK, we also have an issue with padding in the installer. I'll prepare new ISOs.

clem 11 months ago

Ah, I see the isolinux issue in 32-bit.

enyc 11 months ago

also, fwiw, VboxVGA and VboxSVGA seem to work nicely, no blackscreens, display resize behaves, VMSVGA ''works'' but doesn't allow resizing...

enyc 11 months ago

Something (seemingly non-critical, non-terminal) is going on with files left open on boot-image [at least under VirtualBox]
When shutting-down [FAILED] Failed unmounting cdrom.mount.
Then, after the message to remove installation medium and press [ENTER] there are many I/O errors on sr0/loop0, squashfs, etc. -- as if the disk has, in fact, been "ejected" but still "trying to read from the loopback image".

enyc 11 months ago

Beneficial to change /isolinux/isolinux.cfg and change MENU ROWS from 6 to 10 or so (seems to shrink to size 7 anyway). Tested 8 by hexediting iso =).
Currently Memory Test is the 7th item and there is no visible scroll-bar or "more" indication which is needlessly unhelpful...