Efficient, featureful word processor with collaboration
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AbiWord is a full-featured, efficient word processing application. It is suitable for a wide variety of word processing tasks, and is extensible with a variety of plugins.

This package includes many of the available import/export plugins allowing AbiWord to interact with ODT, WordPerfect, and other formats. It also includes tools plugins, offering live collaboration with AbiWord users on Linux and Windows (using TCP or Jabber/XMPP), web translation and dictionary support, and more.
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aks1969nl 3 years ago

Light and fast. I write stories for an hobby. All my stories are written with Abiword. I like it better hen LibreOffice.

lib2know 4 years ago

fast and good enough to hack a short structured and formatted text including a odd table or image. No design tool or book creator.

venom 4 years ago

very efficient, when it comes to adding images to your text, it handles them better than libreOffice. recommend 100%

neglesaks 4 years ago

Decided to give it a try after not using it for a while. Yes, it is lean on resources, compared to Libreoffice. Typed up a document, proceeded to save to avoid losing data: Program crahed on the spot. Uninstalling.

jahid_0903014 4 years ago

Use libreoffice instead

malt1 5 years ago

Traitement de texte ultra légés, il ne convient pas pour utilisation professionnelle ou en entreprice (on lui préferera LibreOffice Writer pour une utilisation plus poussée). Mais il est idéal pour les très vieux ordinateurs.

serengeti 7 years ago

nach meiner Erfahrung als seriöses und professionelles Schreibprogramm nur sehr beschränkt einsetzbar

gianpv 7 years ago

Easy to use and powerfull, it opens .docx too! The best text editor on lightweight distro

cipher 7 years ago

Fix the page scrolling if you want to be taken seriously

francheu 7 years ago

bien pour faire de petits documents simple

Goro_Daimon 7 years ago

This programs is very sux.

m00d1e 7 years ago

Riddled with bugs, and always has been. I'm a writer, and this is software for writing. Yet, from experience I would never trust it to handle my words with care. Problem? Yes.

ulysses 7 years ago

A good program.

dais 7 years ago

Good, but I have libreOffice, so... I don't need this one.

nattyb 8 years ago

Abiword is my favorite word processor. It has everything I need and more but not too much more. After Google Chrome and Thunderbird, the first tool out of the box.

ntdevman 8 years ago

Abiword is a simple basic word processor. I write documents using Abiword almost daily for internal company and personal use, and external publication/presentation documents.

matrix22 8 years ago

So far so good... It's fast and very easy to use and it support MS word...

Germmare 8 years ago

LibreOffice is now my favorite

danielcamus 8 years ago

Simple y funcional.

Koffeehaus 8 years ago

It certainly looks more appealing than OpenWord, especially on Mint 10 with its Faenza buttons. However I've encountered some rendering problems with .docx format (MSWord2007). .doc and .odt formats seem to work fine.