small and fast audio player which supports lots of formats
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Audacious is a fork of beep-media-player which supports Winamp skins and many codecs.

In the default install, the following codecs are supported:

* MP3 * Ogg Vorbis / Theora * AAC and AAC+ * FLAC * ALAC * Windows Media (WMA) * WAVE

Additionally, Audacious is extendable through plugins, and contains other useful features like LIRC support. Support for many more codecs can also be added through plugins.

This package contains the core player and its localization.
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pcfan5 10 months ago

Excellent! It should come as default in LinuxMint instead of the Rhydhmbox shit. You can set alsa as default output!. (thanks for the tip to "ohbaewin" user) It has nice effects such as "cristalizer". GTK interface is excelent for those like me that don't like small views with tinny buttoms. You can even see the cover of the album. Nice easy going program!

ohbaewein 11 months ago

I've tried several audio players, and this is the one that most easily bypasses the PulseAudio that Linux uses by default and lets you output directly through ALSA, giving you total control of the sound quality. What this means practically is that you can output hi-res music to your DAC without any downsampling. If you have an audioophile system, this is a must. Hi-res music files sound noticeably better. This is the best audio player I've found; it has straightforward controls, works consistently, and sounds great.

kelevra 1 year ago

Perfect little Winamp clone. It looks and works like old faithful. Great audio player.

Ivan_anatolyevich 1 year ago

Отличное приложение, одно из лучших.

XorOrNor 1 year ago

The best audio player on Linux :)

SR-1971 1 year ago

The best for now time! Лучший на данный момент!

rahmanlar 1 year ago

Great audio player, lot a better than Rhythmbox.

AlexandruD 1 year ago

My favorite audio player!

Ciberpolimatia 2 years ago

Para meu gosto, o melhor e mais amigável player de música. A interface GTK é limpa e altamente funcional. Os saudosistas do "RWindows" têm a possibilidade de ficar com a interface padrão. Independente da interface, é o mais amigável dos players.

Eugo 2 years ago

Not able to cope with my 20000 titles long library, takes forever. Tries to be a catalogue and to teach me how to organize my music - thanks but no, thanks. I was looking for a player, not this.

Rukatvor 2 years ago

Мені подобається цей плеєр, правда після першої установки доводиться змінювати кодування тексту на UTF-8, потім в списку відтворення F5. І текст композицій вже не так лякає)))

OpenPLUTO 2 years ago

"Audacious, Audacious! It really whips the llamas ass!"

name 2 years ago

Kommt dem "Winamp" sehr nahe und funktioniert unter Mint 20 bei mir sehr gut das Aussehen musste ich erst von einem WIN-ähnlichem Fenster auf das hier gezeigte umstellen.Comes very close to the "Winamp" and works very well under Mint 20 with me the appearance I had to change from a WIN-like window to the one shown here.

Srilthe 2 years ago

Good sound & controls

kw0314 2 years ago

gr8! it's very simple and perfect!

Phill 2 years ago

This is awesome, this is like winamp on Linux, easy, fast, small and the best the HQ audio is not affected so as DJ is the best you can get if you're winamp lover

rangelteste 3 years ago

Great! Melhor

gecko11 3 years ago

Mein Favorit! Das Vorschaubild zeigt nur den Winap-Skin. Schaut euch die Projektwebseite an um einen echten Eindruck zu bekommen!

Crimson_Raven 3 years ago

An awesome replacement for Winamp (or whatever else you used on Windows). It even has a winamp-mode skin, along with everything you could ever want in a music player. Highly recommended!

makiwaro 3 years ago

simply and work good