Graphical bluetooth manager
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Blueman is a GTK+ bluetooth management utility for GNOME using bluez D-Bus backend.
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Alpha 4 months ago

Great bluetooth app but with a generic bluetooth mouse, the connection is sluggish and i need toclick to make the cursor move (it moves after 3 seconds). The bluetooth mouse was connected when the error happend. The app works great with my Razor mouse.

inunderj 6 months ago

now bundeled with with Mint21. It takes a lot of random trial and error to get anything connected, very frustrating, usually works in the end, average connect time is 30 minutes of messing around.

Chaoshay 9 months ago

I had issues connecting my Bose 700 to the BT, looking online for an answer I found this software and it's so much better then the built-in LM/LMDE one, so so much!

Kresni 10 months ago

I was having problems connecting my mouse, this program fixed it. Work quite nicely.

OttoZ 1 year ago

A very useful program, it works without any problems. Many thanks to the developer!

Gribouille 1 year ago

Excellent! Meilleur que celui d'origine qui est plus esthetique qu'efficace :p

ghost 1 year ago

Its the bluetooth manager for humans,

martinnm 2 years ago

i had problem with bad music interpretation via BT audio receiver with preinstalled bluetooth manager, but now its OK :)

vixo 2 years ago

I had endless issues with Blueberry and eventually found out about Blueman. I installed the PulseAudio bluetooth module and everything works like a charm.

Drake411 3 years ago

I could pair various head sets. Mpow flame and two other Chinese Bluetooth headsets. It worked well for hours and many times. My Cambridge Silicon Radio - CSR V4.0 dongle came with only Windows Drivers so I was glad to find that Linux had packages that supported it. At one point my headset would not receive sound properly, I could not switch between A2DP and another audio type for the headset. I either dropped connection or played the sound out of phase and distorted reminiscent of the Jazz in Planet of the Apes. I hunted around looking for information on it but could not find a one-stop solution explaining how this software works with the dongle. Some discussion on killing multiple processes but I'm not sure what happened. My phone handles all these headsets automatically so connecting to Linux is a comparatively elaborate process. After giving up for a day I plugged in for a fresh start and managed to get one headset up and running. My conclusion is that Linux Mint does a very good job and that the sound is usually very clear and good considering the low cost of the equipment I used but there is an opportunity somehow for more people to get involved and educate the rest of us on what makes all this magic happen or how to use the tools to troubleshoot and fix connection issues..

RavingLoony 3 years ago

So far seems good. Would like a tad more info about what some of icons & graphics are actually referring to.

PhilJames 3 years ago

Absolutely brilliant ...... connects instantly, and to be honest, works far better than it did when the computer ran on Windows 7 with the standard software,

Matt432 3 years ago

Had trouble with the default bluetooth manager in KDE 18, devices would be paired but failt to connect/setup as the wrong device type was auto-assigned and no option is proveded to change that, in Blueman you assign device type during the initial pairing operation which avoids the issue. The interface is rather clunky and takes a while to work out how to use it, also removing devices often fails!! But overall it works, so well done.

reidar20 4 years ago

Bluean is great! I removed blueberry because it did not work at all, installed blueman in stead. blueman worked on first attempt! Great!

yuushin 4 years ago

just installed Linux Mint 19, worked right away with my CSR 4.0 dongle plugged in

yyyhannes 5 years ago

yea the only one bluetooth tool that works 4 me (Linux Mint17.3)

dreyT 5 years ago

Doesn't exist in package manager anymore. Doesn't pair with headphones.

Caltrop 5 years ago

Will NOT pair with phone! The Battle is lost...

Borthok 6 years ago


ndrew73 6 years ago

lol as ryannerd said.. finally works per knielson's suggestion. add new ppa: cschramm/blueman