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Graphical bluetooth manager
50 reviews

Blueman is a GTK+ bluetooth management utility for GNOME using bluez D-Bus backend.

User reviews:

4 months ago
5 Bluean is great! I removed blueberry because it did not work at all, installed blueman in stead. blueman worked on first attempt! Great!

6 months ago
5 just installed Linux Mint 19, worked right away with my CSR 4.0 dongle plugged in

10 months ago
5 yea the only one bluetooth tool that works 4 me (Linux Mint17.3)

11 months ago
1 Doesn't exist in package manager anymore. Doesn't pair with headphones.

1 year ago
1 Will NOT pair with phone! The Battle is lost...

2 years ago
4 +

2 years ago
4 lol as ryannerd said.. finally works per knielson's suggestion. add new ppa: cschramm/blueman

2 years ago
2 ttp:// for LM17+ not available. and PPA:cschramm/blueman not for trusty. How to go on. My bluetooth headphone is recognised, paired. Message is device added but failed to connect. How to go on. I am disappointed

3 years ago
4 Why is it that every time I try to get BT to work in Linux it is an uphill battle? I bought a new BT headset and it works great with: Windows 7, My Android phone, an ancient Kindle tablet and my daughter's iPhone yet Mint 17.2 64-bit just sucks. Finally got it to pair. Use PPA: cschramm/blueman

3 years ago
2 cant connect to any device can u help me

3 years ago
4 جيد جدا | very good

3 years ago
4 Manages my BT devices without issue (keyboard and headphones), but error messages are not very helpful and persist between connection attempts without any reference to which device/attempt they are related to. Would be a huge bonus if it had the ability to remember and set flags on device connect such as A2DP+audio sink for my headset.

3 years ago
2 dont work with nokia 6234

3 years ago
4 Use a version from for LM17+ so you don't have the module-bluetooth-discover issue

3 years ago
5 Hace muy bien su función | Its work very good

3 years ago
1 After an update to 17.1 bluetooth is not seen by mint.. tried this blueman.. nothing...

3 years ago
4 Excellent utility, but if you need A2DP support, you'll want to install a newer version from this PPA: cschramm/blueman. (See comments #29 and #92 on this bug report: )

3 years ago
5 Can confirm works perfect on my mint 17.1 64 bit laptop. Tested file transfer with android tablet. Make sure you set tablet or phone to trusted within blueman.

3 years ago
5 Me gusta.

3 years ago
4 If your headset device doesn't show on sound preferences, please use command "pulseaudio -k".

4 years ago
1 Doesn't at x64... i am very tired about this and x64

4 years ago
1 it doesn't work at all on 64 bit Mint 17.1

4 years ago
1 I take it back, doesn't work without much futzing. have to reinstall from command line, then load module-bluetooth-discover manually from command line.

4 years ago
1 Does not work on my system. Mint 17 64-bit. I installed it to fix the problem with my native utility not working. This one doesn't work either.

4 years ago
4 Works fine with Mint 16 & 17.1 - A graphical settings panel can be launched with "blueman-manager".

4 years ago
2 Let me be positive first: This enabled me to change the human-readable name of my pc from 'mint-0' to something more precise (I cannot find a native "bluez" setting for this in Mint 17 64bit Cinnamon; why??) But other than that, it messed up my bluetooth configuration, and parts of it stayed on my system even after I uninstalled it, which sucks. The symptoms were that I could no longer connect/disconnect Bluetooth devices from the rightclick-menu of the panel; I had to open Bluetooth Settings every time, and even so I might have to click twice for it to work. Only after manually disabling startup process "Blueman Applet" did I get back full control. The problem, I guess, is that Blueman is meant for GNOME 2 (i.e. MATE), not for GNOME 3 (Cinnamon).

4 years ago
5 Works for me, was able to send files from my Nokia phone to my LM 17 laptop

4 years ago
5 Very good tool

4 years ago
4 i am using it

4 years ago
1 Useless in Mint 17 64bit. Bluetooth does not work at all right now in Mint 17 64bit. The forum is filled with posts about this, and there are lots of redundant bug reports, relating to different devices. The problem is in the total absence of bluetooth support in the system right now, not on any device or particular form of installation. No one seems too worried about it. If you have any relevant device using bluetooth (such as a keyboard) avoid Mint 17 64bit. Blueman won't help you.

4 years ago
5 Does a perfect job!

4 years ago
4 Works great on Mint17 Qiana and an old dongle

4 years ago
1 Doesn't work in Qiana. When are the proper bluetooth controllers going to be brought back?

5 years ago
2 'Adapter' and 'Device' are in black text but unclickable. Program unusable for me.

5 years ago
1 For some reason, when I launch it the options are all grey and I cant do anything with it.;

5 years ago
5 I'm very happy with this app, gave me hope more than the default app. AWESOME :)

5 years ago
5 Work like a charm.

5 years ago
5 Love this. It allows advanced functionalities compared to the default bluetooth manager available. Thanks!

5 years ago
5 Just Works! The original (Bluez) gave me nothing but trouble. As others have said, this should be the default bluetooth programme.

6 years ago
5 Wirklich viel besser als das Original :-)

6 years ago
5 Seems to be much better than the default!

7 years ago
5 I love Blueman it works! But what exactly are its advantages over the default Bluetooth Manager? More importantly, since Blueman is so great, why does Linux Mint and Ubuntu NOT install it as default? I am removing Blueman to give the default manager another chance.

7 years ago
5 Best app to move stuff between mobile and pc

7 years ago
5 It's easy and works better than bluetooth default!

7 years ago
3 I can live without it

7 years ago
5 Worked like a charm!

8 years ago
4 Much better than the default applet, especially for managing gprs/3g connections

8 years ago
5 better than defult

8 years ago
5 Very good

8 years ago
4 Very good now i can connect my nokia E51 to the internet via bluetooth . Gives you more options than the standard bluetooth manager. overall very pleased with it.