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"I downloaded this Jun28 and got verson 5.1.6 which is the latest edition of this software which I installed through the Software Manager. The website has instruction to manually install by adding a repository which I didn't need to do. I found a tutorial by Digi-Key on Y.T. which is why I installed this. Giving 5 stars while I learn."
"I recently got an Hauppauge WinTV HVR-1600 TV Tuner PCI Interface. At first I had the antenna plugged into the wrong input. It is an analog card but with this software it picks up all the local on air channels and decodes all the schedule information too and shows video in a window on my screen. It succeeded with its purpose."
"I could pair various head sets. Mpow flame and two other Chinese Bluetooth headsets. It worked well for hours and many times. My Cambridge Silicon Radio - CSR V4.0 dongle came with only Windows Drivers so I was glad to find that Linux had packages that supported it. At one point my headset would not receive sound properly, I could not switch between A2DP and another audio type for the headset. I either dropped connection or played the sound out of phase and distorted reminiscent of the Jazz in Planet of the Apes. I hunted around looking for information on it but could not find a one-stop solution explaining how this software works with the dongle. Some discussion on killing multiple processes but I'm not sure what happened. My phone handles all these headsets automatically so connecting to Linux is a comparatively elaborate process. After giving up for a day I plugged in for a fresh start and managed to get one headset up and running. My conclusion is that Linux Mint does a very good job and that the sound is usually very clear and good considering the low cost of the equipment I used but there is an opportunity somehow for more people to get involved and educate the rest of us on what makes all this magic happen or how to use the tools to troubleshoot and fix connection issues.. "