Hierarchical note taking application
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CherryTree is a hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text, syntax highlighting, images handling, hyperlinks, import/export with support for multiple formats, support for multiple languages, and more.
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promotomorp 10 months ago

A superb program to arrange bits of your external memory. Clear, simple and effective

SantiagoSatori 11 months ago

I love this! I can track my chapters and scenes with ease!

wisdom78 1 year ago

I really this tool, just need to add a feature like Tom boy notes have. High light a text and have the option to create a new node or sub node. would be awesome. and combine with options of basket and onenote.

madsbechmadsen 1 year ago

So great - need an Android version :-)

nizzro 2 years ago

It's awesome but I need so much version for MAC & Iphone!

ravenheart 2 years ago

Tremendous program! Best in its class as far as I'm concerned. Really like the ability to import from other notetaking applications, and to export to pdf. Clean & easy to use as well.

anwartitan 2 years ago

Its really good for person who works on educational notes all the time. Hierarchical notes are good with very good search feature.

powerwagon75 2 years ago

I like it! I like the way you can lay it with my pea brain. I use it to slow my self down and document all those crazy things we do when tinkering. Over time it kind of gives you your own personalized "Users Manual" of your system. Of course, it many possibilities for usage, but I just use it for my "it worked before I fixed it" documentation

teacher 3 years ago

Спасибо. Отличный помощник в освоении Linux. В основном использую как хранилище команд терминала.

zagorodnov 4 years ago

Пользуюсь постоянно, хорошая программа.

phrakk 4 years ago

Use it every day

Turist 4 years ago


inksi 4 years ago

excellent and well thought out hierarchal note taker (does not import from Gjots2). We need an update to 0.35.9 because 0.32.0 has a bug where 'Tab' in a table deletes the table!

witchunknown 5 years ago

I love it

amanarya 5 years ago

ui is great and so many features r there,likje password protection...

zenephi 5 years ago

An excellent clean, clear, neat application. The only problem I've had was trying to move about a 100 or so files I'd imported to the wrong place! I could find no way to select a group of files (once in the programme) to delete or move. This is a minor issue now I'm aware of the problem; it should not put anyone off at all. I am in the process of moving all my assorted bits & pieces into CherryTree - it's that good.

rgucluer 5 years ago

I like cherrytree. I use it for note taking everyday. You can group your notes in hierarchies like folders. Good import options. Export: In the End you lose hierarchies. Can export to PDF , Single TXT , Multiple TXT , HTML. . Suitable for storing both code and rich text . You can use basic table functions and images. It is written in Python and uses Sqlite for storing data. You can use encryption. I recommend it for everyone. (I hope export features will be good in future. ) Version: 0.35.4

chanio 5 years ago

Can work as calendar with on click, and record in SQLite or xml with/out encription

winniepuh77 5 years ago

Leider keine vernünftige Volltextsuche. Suche nach mehreren gleichzeitig vorkommenden Begriffen nicht möglich. Damit völlig untauglich. Sonst optisch sehr schöne Anwendung....

Korpu 6 years ago

Nicest interface, richest import option, rtf. But I really don't like export format: each note as a separate file in directory, you can't import it anywhere else, only by copy-paste each node. The tree frequently springs open, have to collapse it manually. I don't like rtf because after copy-paste the size of font and tabs become disproportionally larger or small, with no option to return it to normal size (paragraph) formatting, and tables appearing from nowhere (copying what looks as text, and after pasing it appears as tables). Had to stripe formatting by copy-paste in plain text application, then copy-paste in CherryTree again.