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Web browser that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable internet browsing experience.

This package contains the web browser component.
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norse 1 week ago

Yeah, it's fine. A bare-bones Chrome open source alternative. Only use it on Linux for google products in hope that fingerprinting doesn't follow my browsing about on any other site.

SantiagoR 1 week ago

Great browser, really fast. The fastest so far.

neglesaks 3 weeks ago

It's a decent, fast and simple browser, but Google decided in early 2021 that they wanted to handicap the free Chromium browser by not letting it sync with Google servers, so that's a no go now. Firefox is better.

RositaCheeks 3 weeks ago

The default firefox ran slow and crashed on my mid-2010 macbook. I installed chromium and there was a huge speed and stability improvement.

caltrop4 1 month ago

NOT SAVING PASSWORDS!!! - cleared everything and still NOT saving passwords - I will be leaving anything chrome

Oneu69 1 month ago

Bei der Linux Mint 20. 2 Version funktioniert die Synchronisierung mit Google nicht mehr, ich werde zu Chromium zurückkehren, wenn die Synchronisierung wieder ordnungsgemäß funktioniert.

yvesng 1 month ago

It's kinda light and fast but the sync with google is broken. Will go back to Chromium when the sync is back and work properly

Tanise 2 months ago

Nice browser, but the sync with my phone browser is not working

ShinArticuno 2 months ago

It's not spyware like chrome, def must have. It's faster and lighter than the sustem one (Firefox)

Caymon 4 months ago

Oh how the mighty have fallen. As other have pointed out, the integration with Google is broken. The plugin handling feels broken in that it adds clicks between you and using any extension you install. The new tab screen I experienced also adds clicks between you and whatever page you wish to use and attempting to use the address bar to search (which is a common feature these days) resulted in an error page every time. Nope. I'll stick to Firefox and Vivaldi. Chromium might be fast, too bad it isn't usable.

Fantast 4 months ago

A lot faster and lighter than firefox

kerthpx 4 months ago

My chromium works so fine in my hp x630 laptop. I use chromuim as my main browser for my job because i am part of vaccination team in the philippines and i really like this browser. Anyway this is my first time as linux user i am definitely in whole new computing backround.

Canis 5 months ago

Could be a great browser, but there's some issues

mintyboi 5 months ago

The only problem with chromium is that the startup class is incorrect within the .desktop file. In /usr/share/applications/chromium-browser.desktop the line for StartupWMClass should be 'StartupWMClass=chromium-browser' not just chomium. This causes icons to be blurry within plank among a host of other issues. While minor, it's crazy that this hasn't been fixed.

Thrall 6 months ago

I like it. It's a cool open source browser.

tony_at_BigBox 7 months ago

I'm not able to sync the browser (bookmarks, passwords, etc) with my google account. I'm using Chromium version 90.0.4430.212 (Versão oficial) for Linux Mint 64 bits, and Linux Mint 20.1 Cinnamon

johnaman 7 months ago

As of 5-25-2021, I have installed chromium:amd64 90.0.4430.212~linuxmint1+ulyssa and the sync functionality is working perfectly for multiple accounts. I think the other users here have PEBKAC. And BTW, perhaps they need to update the default search engine as well since Mint likes Yahoo! over Google. (Guess it pays the bills!)

CoconutSecurity 8 months ago

It's suitable as a webbrowser, but the snychronization with any google account doesn't work. Without that function, there are some webbrowers with some important advances.

Reptiliano203 8 months ago

Usaba Firefox, solo que había algunas opciones que no me dejaban usar algunos servicios, y en vez de instalar google chrome, preferí instalar Chromium, la verdad, fué una gran decisión. Gracias Linux Mint por no ser como Ubuntu XD

Jack-Herer 9 months ago

It's not a bad browser, but Brave is way better for linux in my opinion.