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Web browser that aims to build a safer, faster, and more stable internet browsing experience.

This package contains the web browser component.
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ocotillo 3 weeks ago


olafthelofty 3 months ago

Chrome has the option to turn off keyring login. It's been removed in Chromium. So much for choice.

Mac_7eveN 8 months ago

Privacy settings are simply Shameful: incognito mode and 3rt party cookies block are just FAKES (nothing changes). No way to remove Web Store in "Data app in hosting". Socks5 only with Tor proxy (No Socks4, this way all the traffic is resolved by Google's DNS servers and recursive resolving is not possible). A Browser that force to use extensions for the most important privacy parameters should stay out from Linux distros_

JonTrv 8 months ago

My only use of Chromium is as a backend for Chrome Remote Desktop (CRD), to allow connection from my Linux Mint machine to a Windows box. This latest version of Chomium has broken that. Before this update I put my mouse pointer in the CRD window and it controlled the remote machine, move my pointer out of the window it controlled my machine. Now I cannot see any pointer at all in the CRD window unless I use CRD controls to enable 'relative mouse mode', then I cannot get my pointer out of the CRD window without hitting [escape] which disables 'relative mouse mode'. An enormous pain when I am working both machines at the same time.

youlk 9 months ago

I use it as the web browser for my little sister. I didnt have issues during the configuration, that's a great point! But there is the adblocker blocker version 3, and i think it's bad. Good job!

DrivenNuts 11 months ago

Pure Garbage! Why is this even offered here? Google disconnected from this so there is NO way to sync to a Google account. Google prompts to use Chrome with zero sync connection to this. Every time I click to open Chromium a popup stating that Keyring failed and wants me to use my system password, every time. Like I said PURE JUNK!

kvnbllx 1 year ago

Best browser with Brave by far.

zack 1 year ago

Good browser that works well.

pg82 1 year ago

Ugly as chrome, but when it comes to function this is a very good browser. Good backup browser, big amount of addons, stability and modernity being its main selling points. Would I use a watered down google software as my main browser, of course not.

lmmike 1 year ago

Chromium is working fine on Linux Mint. But lately (the last month ish - June/July 2022) it's not being updated and I don't know why. Some serious security related bugs were fixed back in mid June and the lastest version in the repo is still 103.0.5060.53. Should be 103.0.5060.114

juankar 1 year ago

I have now a very old notebook (without webcam) and Chromium seems to work well. Adding a Google search engine is quite easy, you only have to search a word in google local page .es .com etc. and then add the result url, changing the word by %s, explained here:

msergey 1 year ago

to add google as search engine go to chrome://settings/searchEngines, in search shortcuts add - search engine: google; shortcut: (or any other, for example g); URL with %s in place of query: {google:baseURL}search?q=%s&{google:RLZ}{google:originalQueryForSuggestion}{google:assistedQueryStats}{google:searchFieldtrialParameter}{google:iOSSearchLanguage}{google:searchClient}{google:sourceId}{google:contextualSearchVersion}ie={inputEncoding}. Click on the ellipsis and select "Make default"

Damrak 2 years ago

Unacceptable that one can't set Google as the standard search engine. I removed it for that reason and installed Chrome instead.

rickmint20 2 years ago

Responde y se integra mucho mejor que Brave con el plugin "uBlock Origin"

gugalcrom123 2 years ago

Free software and nice UI. Even though I would like a GTK-based browser even more, but only if it's not barebones like Epiphany. Also very ahead of other browsers supporting all the latest web platform features.

INovozhilov 2 years ago

Очень жаль что синхронизация устройств больше не поддерживается... в остальном отличный бразер

JEOII 2 years ago

I use Chromium as my secondary browser because it is lean and fast and handles the browser based meeting clients that other browsers may not. It works well for GotoMeeting, Teams, Webx, ZOHO and other meeting cilents. Chrome worked fine but it occassionaly had issues being updated and was that heavy, slower full featured browser. But sometimes you just need a simple, fast and functional.

norse 2 years ago

Yeah, it's fine. A bare-bones Chrome open source alternative. Only use it on Linux for google products in hope that fingerprinting doesn't follow my browsing about on any other site.

SantiagoR 2 years ago

Great browser, really fast. The fastest so far.

neglesaks 2 years ago

It's a decent, fast and simple browser, but Google decided in early 2021 that they wanted to handicap the free Chromium browser by not letting it sync with Google servers, so that's a no go now. Firefox is better.