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"My only use of Chromium is as a backend for Chrome Remote Desktop (CRD), to allow connection from my Linux Mint machine to a Windows box. This latest version of Chomium has broken that. Before this update I put my mouse pointer in the CRD window and it controlled the remote machine, move my pointer out of the window it controlled my machine. Now I cannot see any pointer at all in the CRD window unless I use CRD controls to enable 'relative mouse mode', then I cannot get my pointer out of the CRD window without hitting [escape] which disables 'relative mouse mode'. An enormous pain when I am working both machines at the same time."
"Fails to detect my webcam (a truly ancient USB Trust 15007), but Zoom can use the cam without any problem, so I know the cam is working."
"Mostly great, but I am having problems accessing forms on some websites. Problem is, those same forms, in particular, access to them, works perfectly in Chromium. One instance, I click on a link to create a form, then click another link to edit the form. The create form works OK, but the edit form link does nothing in Firefox, and works in Chromium. So far I cannot find out why. Linux Mint 20.2, FF 96.0.2, Chromium 97.0.4692.99"
"Minor problem with in Mint Cinnamon 20.1, if you close a window via the 'title bar close button' the window will not close and the app hangs. Kill the process in the system monitor works, or use Ctrl-Q or the 'Quit' command in the 'Media' menu."
"Minor compatibility issue on a 5.8 kernel in the 20.1 edge iso, between xsane and the repo version of sane-utils. Xsane claims it is starting the scan but the scanner does nothing, so Xsane waits forever. Fixed by installing the latest sane-utils from gitlab."
"It's nearly Awsome, but there is a little bug somewhere. On Mint 20.1 most of the games within Kpat work exactly as they do on previous versions, BUT... Simple Simon will not 'Auto-Drop' at all."
"Been using Tbird for donkeys years, wholly concur about v78, sticking with v68 at least for now. Just wish a few annoying little bugs could be squashed. Particularly the one where it apparently ignores, or fails to recognise UTF-8 definitions in emails. Just discovered that each folder has individual properties, where you can set the fallback encoding for messages in that folder. Not found any way to globally set all folders, going to be a pain going through my 100+ collection..."
"The version in the repository is out of date, 1.3 is now available on the website. Could whoever compiles Sigil for the community add updating the repository version to their long list of priorities :-)"
"I have a reproducible problem with Gweled. The first time I run it after a reboot, at the end of the game it quits OK, but re-runs after that always hang after the 'game ended, quit or new game' box. Mint 19.2, different Kernels, no obvious connection to hardware."