Your New Notebook
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The intuitive writing app for everyone, from students to developers!

With powerful features like:

  • Easy-to-use markdown editor.
  • Notebooks and tags, quickly find and organize your notes
  • Your work is saved automatically as you write, you will never loose your work!
  • Plugins: such as embedding YouTube videos and setting text color
  • Export as PDF and Markdown files
  • Cross-Note Links to quickly reference other notes
  • 3 Beautiful app themes to help you create the best writing environment,
  • And much more!
Latest reviews
ranmagrl 1 year ago

Actually I was just looking around if I had any Flatpack's installed, because I wanted to remove them if I had any - I just took a look at this, it looks nice, but Tigers review forced me to write a "warning": The bloat is likely because you're installing a Flatpack. Flatpacks have all the dependencies included, so they are often bloated. For example, if an application uses GTK, a Flatpack for any such application includes a copy of GTK libraries in it, etc. - despite of you likely already have it installed. Flatpacks are easy way to provide a Linux application that works without having to install any dependencies, so it can be easily used on almost any linux installation "as-is". The price is bloated size - imagine if all your applications that use GTK were installed as Flatpack: they would all include a copy of GTK built-in. Same goes for AppImages, and propably Snap, and other such formats. Best way is to install all applications through the packet manager of your distribution (APT in Mint), but sometimes they are not available :( That's why I have one snap and two AppImage releases on my system, but I don't seem to have any FlatPacks - I will remove the whole flatpack infrastructure from my machine.

bOsO 1 year ago

One note was my favorite, but now notes up Changed that, Keep the good work

tiger 2 years ago

Bloated. Took a ridiculously long time to download and install, and operation made my computer slow to a crawl. I don't understand why such a simple program should consume so many system resources. It's not much more sophisticated than Gnote, which comes installed by default with Linux Mint, but Gnote is small and fast. Exporting a note to pdf failed to format a Markdown list. I'm sticking to CherryTree, thanks.

bridgetsarah 3 years ago

Seriously, I prefer this than ever-note. Simple and sweet!

daviddelamo 4 years ago

Perfect replacement for OneNote from Microsoft. Works fluid and simple to manage.