Your New Notebook
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The intuitive writing app for everyone, from students to developers!
With powerful features like:
Easy-to-use markdown editor.Notebooks and tags, quickly find and organize your notesYour work is saved automatically as you write, you will never loose your work!Plugins: such as embedding YouTube videos and setting text colorExport as PDF and Markdown filesCross-Note Links to quickly reference other notes3 Beautiful app themes to help you create the best writing environment,And much more!
Latest reviews
bOsO 1 week ago

One note was my favorite, but now notes up Changed that, Keep the good work

tiger 9 months ago

Bloated. Took a ridiculously long time to download and install, and operation made my computer slow to a crawl. I don't understand why such a simple program should consume so many system resources. It's not much more sophisticated than Gnote, which comes installed by default with Linux Mint, but Gnote is small and fast. Exporting a note to pdf failed to format a Markdown list. I'm sticking to CherryTree, thanks.

bridgetsarah 1 year ago

Seriously, I prefer this than ever-note. Simple and sweet!

daviddelamo 2 years ago

Perfect replacement for OneNote from Microsoft. Works fluid and simple to manage.