A permissions manager for Flatpak
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Flatseal is a graphical utility to review and modify basic permissions from your Flatpak applications.
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richolate 2 months ago

es muy facil de usar, y muy necesaria para proteger tu privacidad. (It is very easy to use, and very necessary to protect your privacy.)

Lizard93 7 months ago

Easy acces to all flatpack app permissions

megaten 7 months ago

Wish there was something like this for snaps... Very easy to use.

Starkiller_007 1 year ago

Great app for managing Flatplak app's permissions

Haggen88 1 year ago

Excellent app to manage the permissions of Flatpak applications [for example, give network permissions, access to partitions, webcams, etc.]. It requires restarting the app for the changes to take effect. In case of a problem with the applications, the permission settings can be restored using the "Reset" option.