Live streaming and video recording software
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Free and open source software for video capturing, recording, and live streaming.
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Explorerz 3 months ago

Очень мощный, быстрый и бесплатный софт для записи, или трансляции видео на различные платформы, как YouTube, Twich и другие. У новичков могут возникнуть трудности с использованием и настройкой, но в интернете есть множество гайдов и мануалов по его настройке.

amandextra 10 months ago

Infelizmente depois de algumas atualizações do kernel no Mint 20 Cinnamon, está apresentando falhas pontuais como não obedecer os comandos do teclado algumas vezes. Por exemplo, não consigo ativar e desativar o microfone nem mesmo clicando no ícone dentro do OBS. Consigo gravar a tela, mas não grava o microfone de jeito nenhum.

Hoerli 1 year ago

An sich eine super Software zum Streamen und Aufnehmen. Leider flackert der Desktop des öfteren durch die Aufnahme durch, was das erfassen von z.B. Programmen oder Spielen erschwert. Ansonst läufts gut.

jagie 1 year ago

the program shuts down immediately as you click 'apply' or 'ok' in the settings; there's no source: browser.

karlosnoir 1 year ago

Es un excelente software, grabación excelente en 4k y full HD, además muy buena gestión de configuración de audio.

tinfoil_hat 1 year ago

I love this awesome piece of work, it's great recording with it. It's also very common in the Windows Gaming / Streaming Community

garbugioxt 2 years ago

Extremely effective application.

roulendz 2 years ago

This is really good and polished software. Really suggest, at first really simple, and if you need more, you have all the advanced settigns at your disposal, eaven Uncompresd RAW!

BluClient 2 years ago

Its very good to record (:

FinixFighter 2 years ago

Works perfectly on my pc!

Adaptiveprism 3 years ago

OBS is very fast and the configuration wizard helps with optimizing performance.

Edmar 3 years ago

muito bom e parabéns aos desenvolvedores

Heyty 3 years ago

It's a beast! Don't get fooled by it's simple looks, OBS is powerfull! This is the best streamer: It's very intuitive, reliable, stable and support many nice features (e.g. showing live chat onscreen). It's also used to stream many world gamming championships. OBS is for sure a professional grade software.