Virtual lighttable and darkroom for photographers
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Darktable manages your digital negatives in a database and lets you view them through a zoomable lighttable. it also enables you to develop raw images and enhance them.

It tries to fill the gap between the many excellent existing free raw converters and image management tools (such as ufraw or f-spot). The user interface is built around efficient caching of image metadata and mipmaps, all stored in a database. the user will always be able to interact, even if the full resolution image is not yet loaded.

All editing is fully non-destructive and only operates on cached image buffers for display. the full image is only converted during export. The frontend is written in gtk+/cairo, the database uses sqlite3, raw image loading is done using rawspeed, high-dynamic range, and standard image formats such as jpeg are also supported. The core operates completely on floating point values, so darktable can not only be used for photography but also for scientifically acquired images or output of renderers (high dynamic range).
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mimesis 1 day ago

I have tried Fotoxx and Rawtherapee, I liked Darktable the most, so far. Elegant and stable, maybe the only detail are the tiny buttons that hide too many features, you need to get used to get familiar with it so it might be complicated to use.

linuxer 4 weeks ago

Gimp does not see the darktable module. How to solve?

oren121312 1 month ago

Awesome software, lots of features. Has some advantages over Lightroom.

Lukess 1 month ago

Intuitive Fotobearbeitung, bin von rawtherapee gewechselt. Wer für Fotobearbeitung bezahlt, hat Geld über...

Nyarlathotep 5 months ago

It would be worth installing Linux just to use darkatble alone. This is the crown jewel in the open source photography applications world. There is so much power across the various tools that it takes time to appreciate the possibiities, yet it is also easy to understand and use the basics for a new user. the

phil995511 7 months ago

Essential software

LonePiper 9 months ago

The dev's insistence not to include any kind of file handling capabilities seems baffling to me. If you've got 1000 photos that need adjusting, and the client requires a specific format and naming convention, and wants them all by 9am the next morning, you don't want to be faddling about with external file managers. I cannot stress this enough - when I used to use lightroom, I wouln't consider it exaggeration to say the integrated file handling and conversion features accounted for about 50% of that program's usefulness. There's a reason Lightroom is the professional standard, and there's a reason Adobe includes the features it does. I wish I could give 2 1/2 stars - 50% points lost for 50% of functionality missing.

atti 11 months ago

Programma straordinariamente completo per lo sviluppo delle foto. Ha un'enorme quantitá di fitri ed opzioni. Eccellente

Tampon 1 year ago

I really do not miss lightroom. This app is really awesome awesome and a joy to use. Many tools to get the image just right. Local adjustments can be done in GIMP. ANOTHER get app!

cllaurit 2 years ago

A decent Lightroom replacement and very usable. Excellent color managament and file handleing

Foromir 2 years ago

Uso já faz muito tempo. Sou fotógrafo e não deixa a desejar em nada em relação ao Lightroom. Digo mais: Eu acho muito superior!!

imperator 2 years ago


rmanf30 2 years ago

Absolument incontournable si l'on fait de la photo.

wanek1667 2 years ago

Прога супер!

fedelin 3 years ago

Great DxO suite alternative. Will embed a perspective module like DxO viewpoint in version 2.2. Very stable and efficient

nbk7 3 years ago

Great Lightroom alternative for Linux! Even supports my rather exotic Fuji X-A1!. Beautiful frontend, excellent functionality!

arborad 3 years ago

Nepodporovanie 32bit, nemožnosť maximalizovať okno - nedá sa normálne na tom fungovať, keď si stále musím premiestňovať okno.

bajosega 3 years ago


iosonoscrive 4 years ago

ok yes

mo209 4 years ago

Un grand bravo et un grand merci aux dévellopeurs de cette appli magique et absolument indispensable, aux pros, ainsi qu'aux amateurs avertis et débutant ! Juste un détail, les boutons des modules et paramètres mériterais d'êtres plus gros, pour plus de confort...