A global menu giving you quick access to folders and custom commands.
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ArnaudDorthe 3 years ago

This does not work anymore: "If you still use the api at you should switch as soon as possible to the new one at The old one is not supported anymore and will not receive any more updates on the software side. The new one is in place and stronger than ever (multiple servers). The api endpoints at will be taken down at August 1. of 2020."

mimesis 3 years ago

It seemed to work well at the beginning until I changed stations. The first choice kept sounding the same music non-stop like if the application were running on the background without the screen being displayed. No tray icon to manage the visibility to customize behavior. Couldn't appreciate the different channels and music variety.

nordeide 3 years ago

Works great, even with Norwegian radio channels!

josephpmh 3 years ago

Simple & elegant. Looking forward to shortwave.

AlC-Cville 3 years ago

Seems to be unable to find streaming US Christian radio stations by explicit call sign, frequency, or location. Is this deliberate?

Thinker08 4 years ago

Naparádu :)

Fromax 4 years ago

Nice, simple app. I think the UI needs some reworking though...

Myr111 5 years ago

The simplicity of this application does not honor how good it is. Easy to use, it consumes few resources and makes perfect the work for which it was created. Thank you very much to your creator!

Maffysdad 5 years ago

Have tried three radio programs, but this is by far the easier and most user friendly Radio Player I've found. I'm new to Linux (Mint 19) after messing with the Raspberry Pi, so barely finding my feet, but this is one of the first things I wanted to add as I like listening to the radio in the car so this is a really nice find. It's easy to add radio stations, it's a beautiful app, thank you!

Kellyh 5 years ago

Great program! however it does take about 5 minutes to load the library. don't know why. But I do love this program.

alcoban 5 years ago


rmisra1 5 years ago

Excellent Radio app ... simple & Best!!! Covering my fav all India Radio channels

goloka 5 years ago

interesante aplicaion, que usa la base de datos de radio-browser (muy completa)

stun_eseht 5 years ago

Best radio app ever! Makes it a breeze to use. Thanks creator!

JonnyBarbun87 5 years ago

It works really well and, above all, find all Italian radio stations as well! Also really interesting the function which allows to add your favourite stations as default!

rosliothman 5 years ago

It won't let me create stations. Keeps shutting off whenever I clicked 'Create Station' Frustrated user..

bettydalton 5 years ago

Excellent selection of world wide radio stations! Anything can be found. What a treasure cove. And everything plays in a heartbeat. Super user friendly because Gradio gave an even better overview of the different programs from my favorite radiostation than I could find before on the website itself. Have tried other radioprograms but they all were so sparse. However Gradio is a feast for the eyes because of the user friendly graphical interface. Great Stuff.

aks1969nl 5 years ago

Simple, easy and great! Nice feature is the possibility to make a back-up and export it. It has a lot of stations in it self but it is easy to find new ones and put them in a library. You'll never have to open a web browser again to listen to the radio. It also starts up with the last station you have listened to.