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"Consumes 95 seconds at 100% load @3800MHz with zero localization changes and zero directory changes. Badly needs fixing! So it fails at a job it never needed to do in the first place!!! Like, 'I'm from the Government, and I'm here to help you" . Dreadful words! Surely only needs to run upon installation or by direct user intervention, but never automatically. Too much like MS Windows!"
"No English Man or info, and essentially zero user help for fields and their usage. Created account using website, as the gui could not do it nor give info about what it expected. Result: very like MSDOS edlin! Guess & cross fingers. Tried man page and info, both appear to be in a Slavic language, but my system default is english. Will try to submit bug report on this failure to install the correct language man and info pages."
"my boot time to graphic login used to be 18s. With systemd installed it varies between 52 s and 600s. Detailed look, by editing the grub boot line to drop the 'splash' so I can see what is taking so long, reveals that systemd, far from speeding things up by massive paralellization, just does everything all over again, slower by at least a factor of two. If I needed this, I'd go to Windows! The justification for this overload of the iron is that users won't be mature enough to get the updates performed. That babying belongs to MicroSoft! Linux is not to have the 'hood welded shut', so to speak."
"I greatly prefer it to Firefox (slow and memory bloat) and Chromium (big brother is watching you)"
"I like the concept very much, but it needs to have a way of enabling javascript in the menu system. Also, some of the help documentation example dialogs are in Czech. It's still possible to get the point, but harder! For document reading this is probably great, but not for sites requiring js, like google maps or radar maps."
"doesn't have means of looking for . directories for import of bookmarks, so cannot find any. Effectively useless."
"Seems to be unable to find streaming US Christian radio stations by explicit call sign, frequency, or location. Is this deliberate?"
"Won't do anything in Mint 18.3 other than show opening frame with windows. Appears to have no means to open a pdf file to work on it, which makes it quite useless."