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Déjà Dup is a simple backup tool. It hides the complexity of backing up the Right Way (encrypted, off-site, and regular) and uses duplicity as the backend.

* Support for local, remote, or cloud backup locations such as Nextcloud
* Securely encrypts and compresses your data
* Incrementally backs up, letting you restore from any particular backup
* Schedules regular backups
* Integrates well into your GNOME desktop
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gothicpreston 1 year ago

Seriously! You have more than one box and DON'T use this to backup your data between the two? This has to be the simplest way to automate backups when combine with a password manager and an SSH link to another box. Lierally THE fist package I install on any new linux box.

kevlane 1 year ago

Simple, Easy, and all you need.

imperator 2 years ago


cmoi 2 years ago

J'enlève une étoile car on ne peut sauvegarder que des dossiers. Ça serait bien de penser aussi aux fichiers :)

Hammer459 3 years ago

With this there is no excuse for not having proper backup

tr0nic 4 years ago

bequem den HOME Ordner sichern - übernimmt auch alle Thunderbird Einstellungen :)

vitor_neves 4 years ago

Best Backup Tool for LM

Datei 4 years ago

Best Backup Tool for LM - using it on 3 PC's

p_pat 4 years ago

This made it super easy to move all my thunderbird files to my new computer.

talo 5 years ago

Perfecto para copias de seguridad , tambien permite el cifrado y programar las copias , perfecto

DrizzttoUrden 5 years ago

Perfekt, schnell, unauffällig! 17 Mint Cinnamon 64bit

jmt95 5 years ago

Really nice...!!!!!!

scramble 5 years ago

Works fine on my LM16 Cinnamon. I ran deja-dup-preferences to schedule regular backups. It uses duplicity; so if you want to do a more selective file restore, you could try using duplicity directly.

wirezfree 5 years ago

Shows installed in Software Manager & Synaptic, But I have no shortcuts to run it.? ~~ LM16

jsmeche 5 years ago

Doesn't work with LM16 Cinnamon. Had to change to something else.

n1p3ha 6 years ago


davidswanson1 6 years ago

Lets me backup to Amazon AWS S3 with a Lifecycle policy to Glacier. Great cheap way to backup!

tux-lux 6 years ago

LM Debian After Crash not possible restore. I needed new installation from scratch.

ChrisOfBristol 6 years ago

Tried several backup programs, none very good, chose Deja Dup because it works and is simple and intuitive to use. When the backup has failed (admittedly without much indication of what has gone wrong) it has always been because of lack of disk space. The website suggests that you CAN restore a single file. Two enchancements would be good: A panel to declare whether backup was successful instead of the little popup which can disappear before you spot it. Being able to save more than one backup list - so I could backup music on one and everything else on another without having to redefine them every time.

janfont 7 years ago

First back up takes a while afterwards works fine. Restoring is sometimes scaring: will it find the original or not?