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I have been using Linux since 2002.  My first Linux distro was Mandrake 8.0 and it replaced Windows Me.  After installing Windows XP a few weeks later I was impressed, but I continued to mess around with Linux as a hobby.  For serious work, however, I mainly stayed in Windows XP (Linux was hardly usable as a desktop OS in 2003 due to compatibility issues and other things).

Fast foward to 2014.  I discover Linux Mint (after dismissing Ubuntu for being too bloated and containing spyware A.K.A. Unity) and I find very impressive how mature Linux has become.  How far it came between 2002 and 2014 is really impressive.  If Windows did the same thing, the same rate of maturity and development, Microsoft would have nothing to worry about.  However, this is not the case.

Linux is an amazing, first-rate operating system that is robust, compatible and free.  Linux Mint has taken everything great about Linux and made a full, complete and easy to use operating system that can replace Windows.  Mint has totally replaced Windows in my world.  When Mint 17.1 was released I totally formated my 1TB hard drive and installed only Linux.  My entire 1TB HDD is ext4 only now.  I don't have Windows installed on my computer anymore and I don't miss it.

Linux does everything I want and need it to do and, for the most part, does a better job at it than WIndows does.  I look forward to continuing to learn more and more about Linux and being a witness to just how much further Linux can go.  The possibilities are limitless.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  I can't tell no other story.  P.O.P., HOLD IT DOWN!


- Tony (proud Linux user)

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"Play your favorite arcade classics from the comfort of your PC. I cannot recommend this enough. This goes great with GNOME MAME FrontEnd."
"This is WAY better than ZSNES!!! Accurate sound emulation without cracking and smooth video. It is a little light on features compared to ZSNES but since it runs so much better than ZSNES you'll be too busy playing all of your favorite SNES classics to care! A+++ MUST DOWNLOAD!!!"
"It works good enough but it's outdated. There is a glitch where if you receive a call you can't close the notification pop-up without closing the video window with no way to get it back without ending the call and starting a new one. A new version is coming out at some point, but the new version has been in Alpha since July 2016 (it's February 2017 as I write this). Still, highly recommended if you need Skype under Linux. Just don't expect a version as highly polished as the Windows version."
"Best web browser for Linux. Still waiting for 52.0, which was released a few days ago. How long does a new version take to appear on Linux Mint's Update Manager?"
"My last review was a bit long winded. This is the most stable, useful and pratical text-only browser. If you do a lot of work in the terminal this package is a must!"
"It works great! I am able to download videos from many sites, not just YouTube. One issue I do have, and this isn't related to the program, is that some YouTube videos are restricted from being able to get downloaded. Mainly VeVo and such."
"Best file converting program out there! Makes perfect DVDs no matter *what* file format you throw at it. I can't recommend this software enough. Works great in Mint 17.0 and 17.1 !"
"It's everyone's favorite terminal clock! Choose from different colors, 24 or 12 hour mode, seconds, screensaver mode (bounces all over screen), center, outline and also shows date. A surprinsingly useful program. Pick up your tty-clock today! 5 stars ! ! !"