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digital photo management application for KDE
67 reviews

Digital photo management program designed to import, organize, enhance, search and export your digital images to and from your computer.

It provides a simple interface which makes importing and organizing digital photographs a "snap". digiKam enables you to manage large numbers of digital photographs in albums and to organize these photographs for easy retrieval using tags (keywords), captions, collections, dates, geolocation and searches. It has many features for viewing, organizing, processing and sharing your images. Thus, digiKam is a formidable digital asset management (DAM) software including powerful image editing functions.

An easy-to-use camera interface is provided, that will connect to your digital camera and download photographs directly into digiKam albums. More than 1000 digital cameras are supported by the gphoto2 library. Of course, any media or card reader supported by your operating system will interface with digiKam.

digiKam incorporates a fast Image Editor with many image editing tools. You can use the Image Editor to view your photographs, comment and rate them, correct, enhance and alter them. The editing power can be easily extended by a set of plugins, the KDE Image Plugins Interface (manual)

While digiKam remains easy to use, it provides professional level features by the dozens. It is fully 16 bit enabled including all available plugins, supports RAW format conversion through libraw, DNG export and ICC color management work flow.

New Features of the KDE4 version:
Runs on any platform that supports Qt4 and KDE4
Supports XMP metadata
Reads, writes and converts into DNG format
New RAW processing tool, gamma-correction in 16 bits
Preview of video and audio files
Database file is independent of photo libraries, enabling remote paths,
multiple roots and offline archives
Improved database with many more metadata that can be searched
Marble integration, geographical filtering with the mouse on the map
New search finds duplicates and similar images
Help menu lists all RAW formats and digiKam component versions
DNG, RWL, NEF and PEF RAW file can be metadata edited
Usability improvements for netbooks
Non-modal image editor
Thumbnail bar in preview mode
Live search boxes in both sidebars and main window
New camera interface, capture tool, scanner interface
New plugin based on lensfun for automatic lens error corrections
digiKam can also make use of the KIPI image handling plugins to extend its capabilities even further for photo manipulations, import and export, etc. The kipi-plugins package contains many very useful extensions.

User reviews:

7 months ago
2 I tried it and it was so SLOW !!

it was scanning through a 1.5T hard disk, cause I marked it where keep my images, which was really the case. Not only was it scanning a huge HDD at every start, but when wanting to open a directory with some 200 images or less in it, it would do NOTHING. Show nothing. It would be, instead, listing files again.

Every directory I wanted to take a look in, would initiate a new scanning. Practically: I wanted to see pictures in directories and I didn't see ONE. Quite a disappointment. I like Canon's DPP. And Darktable. I hoped that Digikam would be a cool and fast thing. I simply cannot use it... sorry...

I can see that many people can :) I don't know what I do differently... but I do know I I work with images normally, and I'd like to keep to that workflow.. which is:
- open a directory of pix,
- go over them, watch each of them at a relatively large size,
- mark them if you like them (stars) or select them (numbers),
- and do image editing, brightness, contrast, gamma, hue - in a nondestructive manner...

(if score "1" would NOT be dubbed as "I hate it", I would have chosen that... but of course I do NOT hate it! I am only sorry

1 year ago
5 Le plus complet et performant !

1 year ago
5 The best photo editor

2 years ago
1 Me encantaba, pero que lástima que las últimas versiones me han dado muchos problemas. No me funciona en Mint 18.

3 years ago
4 As some users said, if you want Digikam to work you must also install this packages: apt install kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins If you want to see icons and some missing buttons: apt install kdeartwork And to have readable tooltips (cause foreground and background colors can make them unreadable): apt install systemsettings kdebase-runtime Then start systemsettings and change tooltip text color in "Application Appearance > Colors (in left list) > Colors (the tab) > Tooltip text".

3 years ago
3 not a fan of the odd user interface, which compels the user to create and configure "libraries," or whatever. Where is the app that will simply navigate to a directory, display the images, and allow basic edits?

3 years ago
1 This simply does not work. Hangs immediately when trying to add a collection. Photo software that does not support photos? Funny.

3 years ago
1 Very little is anything has change since the last try 8 months ago. Still deadly slow on moderately high end machine. But most won't have 1.5tb of stock to catalog.

3 years ago
5 On Mint17 Cinnamon you must install these as well: sudo apt-get install kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins (as the other user said below), missing dependency... :(

3 years ago
2 Crash after every Start. :(

3 years ago
5 runs also on Cinnamon, btw , best ever. But for people with less knowledge/interest in photography, it might be too much

3 years ago
5 This is the best asset management app for linux, from keywording to resizing and watermarking, this app does an excellent job. It's editing functions are so so at best though.

3 years ago
1 chrashes all when starts up (linux mint 17)

4 years ago
3 See comment below regarding Mint 17.1 and the programme crashing. Great programme but not all Export Plugins work. Facebook will not be found although shown as installed. are sho

4 years ago
4 For those having an issue on mint 17.1 with the app crashing after scanning the library: sudo apt-get install kdelibs-bin kdelibs5-data kdelibs5-plugins. Install the oxygen theme for icons too.

4 years ago
3 Seems great at first use. However, steep learning curve, just for the program, not to mention features.

4 years ago
5 Perfect software

4 years ago
5 Great sowftware!

4 years ago
5 Workes great in Petra KDE. One of the best of its kind, any platform. You can add tags, ratings, exif (great feature for old scans!). Editor is ok for simple tasks. As a true KDE app can be customized to your needs and habbits. Search no more, just use it :)

5 years ago
5 Excellent photo management program!

5 years ago
5 Parfait ! complet et simple !

5 years ago
5 The best photo management tool on Linux. The Editor is getting better in every version.

5 years ago
5 Most advanced program for photo-editing with compulsory cataloging. Good for thumbnail sorting and renaming, has visual ortions for fast color cast removing that actually work well. Could be replacement for both: thumbnail viewer and GIMP for photo post-processing. Works with RAW format too. I have to learn to live whith time-consuming database check each time when program starts. Editor only (ShowFoto) has no thumbnail sorting.

5 years ago
2 still no start on mint 14 mate only on console ... Why!

5 years ago
5 Even though I do not like KDE based apps, I must admit - it is definitely the most feature rich photo management application.

5 years ago
5 Best Damn DAM (Digital Asset Management) on any platform. I like it better than Lightroom for sorting and finding photos. Don't use it much for post processing though.

5 years ago
4 one of the best, on mint nadia there is a problem with launcher icon. Start from terminal by typing digikam or make your own!

6 years ago
1 look great so waiting for release for Mint Nadia ;-)

6 years ago
2 no start on mint 14 mate

6 years ago
5 Still

6 years ago
5 Very good photo manager and simple editor

6 years ago
5 Growing to like this even over GiMP. Intuitive GUI (rare) and makes photo editing and management as fun as it can be.

6 years ago
5 Greatest organization tool I have ever used. Trust me, I have used most of them.

6 years ago
5 For Mint 13 Maya use the next PPA's; deb precise main and deb-src precise main to get version 4:2.8.0 of Digikam

6 years ago
1 Doens't work with/geht nicht mit Mint 13 MATE

6 years ago
4 Funktioniert leider mit Maya nur etwas tricky. Ich hoffe mal, dass die kleinen Fehler noch behoben werden. Ansonsten ist digikam für mich der beste Fotoverwalter.

6 years ago
5 Dokonalá náhrada za Zoner Photo Studio ;-)

6 years ago
4 I use it everydays and I think it is the better tool photo management I know. It's simple.

6 years ago
1 Funktioniert leider nicht mit Mint 13 MATE...Cinnamon funktioniert.

6 years ago
5 Excellent tool for managing your photos

7 years ago
5 I really rate this programme for its library and organisational functions. Being able to tag and sort photos, finding duplicates etc.

7 years ago
5 Fantasic. I particularly like how easy it is to recreate the library database after reinstalling or changing distro.

7 years ago
4 I know it since 2 years and I really like it. Not found a better tool yet.

7 years ago
5 Best Digital Photo Management Tool

7 years ago
5 The best implementation of organizing my photocollection.

7 years ago
4 Sometimes a little slow and complicated, but far better than any native gnome application. I only wish it was native for gnome.

7 years ago
4 If I wanted KDE I would have installed it. Has too many dependant files and installs KDE programs that I dont want on my system. Resource heavy. Not for me

7 years ago
5 Second glowing review for digikam! I have used Foto Finish for many years, and tried without success, to find a way to use it on Linux Mint 10. After many days, and many hours of searching, I finally found digikam. Seems to do exactly what I needed, and very comparable to SmartDraw's program FotoFinish. Not sure if it is still made by the Smart Draw company, but we had thousands of photos and images that were created with it, over the last 8 or 9 years. Digikam appears to fill the bill, and easy to use, too!

7 years ago
1 Just like blueXrider !

7 years ago
4 Great stuff !

8 years ago
5 功能很强大

8 years ago
5 absolutely exceletne! it does everything.. from flash galleries to exporting pictures or album on you facebook.. got thanks for this app!

8 years ago
5 Simply the best photo manager

8 years ago
4 Great alternative to iPhoto and Picassa; supports more advanced tools than either; I am excited about the newer features to be released: file revision history & Facial recognition!

8 years ago
5 I've trtied them all: F-Spot, Shotwell, Mirage, Picasa, etc. DigiKam beats them all by a long shot. The best photo manager.

8 years ago
5 OMG. I am a Gnome guy but this is awsome. Leaves the photos in your folders rather than a db file. Edits exif data including dates. Much more full featured than the Gnome alternatives. Installs a few KDE programs: Dolphin, Konqueror for unclear reasons though.

8 years ago
5 The main advantage: Digikam album is an actual folder in your computer, it doesn,t need to import your files to it's database. It's also a good editing software.

8 years ago
5 Es mas potente que los visores de windows en cuanto a herramientas de administración de fotografias, pero se deberia trabajar mas en su velocidad. Pero sus funciones, para administrar fotos, justifican la mas alta calificación

8 years ago
4 It is very good in KDE too.

8 years ago
2 If you decide you don't like it and want to uninstall it, simply uninstalling Digikam is not enough since it also adds stuff like Konqueror and Dolphin to your system which must be uninstalled individually. I think they should all be linked in the uninstallation, since they are in the installation. No a big fan of KDE software and now I'm even more annoyed with it...

8 years ago
2 Not bad, i dont,like it that much but it keeps getting stuck when i put the photo up for editting.

8 years ago
4 It's the best! Some issues with stabillity.

8 years ago
5 ...ho usato per anni bridge, ma questo software è superiore pperchè non scomoda Gimp per operazioni semplici come il ridimensionare, creare gallerie etc... sono un fotografo professionista dal 1990

8 years ago
5 Best and works okay with gnome

8 years ago
4 Pity this isn't Gnome native or it would be awesome. But it's the best photo manager I've encountered so far, beating F-Spot by a long run. It's companion image editor is great

9 years ago
5 Digital asset management made (relatively) easy. There is a bit of initial setup required (creating metadata templates and image libraries) but the website has fantastic documentation. The developer and user mailing lists are very good too. Active ddevelopment and regular updates means the software improves all the time. Options to edit images as part of the work flow (and batch edit) means I use external editors (Gimp) less and less. I switched from Gnome Mint to KDE Mint to use it and haven't looked back.

9 years ago
4 Photo edit and collection