GTK+ Clipboard manager
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Diodon is a lightweight clipboard manager for Linux written in Vala which "aims to be the best integrated clipboard manager for the Gnome/Unity desktop".

Diodon features include Ubuntu indicator, clipboard sync (primary selection and Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V clipboard) and a zeitgeist integration for an infinite clipboard history.
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NathanShirley 1 month ago

[[[Update: now running 21.1 with Diodon 1.12.0-1 and everything is much easier. All I had to do was install it and follow the simple instructions to assign a keyboard shortcut.]]] To use in Mint/Cinnamon 20.2 (and likely other versions) you need to instal Zeitgeist and at least in my case I needed the newer version of Diodon (1.11.1). Here's how I did it: 1) sudo add-apt-repository ppa:diodon-team/stable 2) sudo apt-get update 3) Use synaptic to install Diodon 1.11.1 (the ppa allows you to get this later version, then you can likely install it from the terminal if you prefer) 4) sudo apt-get install zeitgeist (I had to close other programs first in order for this command to work) 5) sudo apt-get install activity-log-manager-control-center (once installed, running this allows you to adjust Zeitgeist settings, I turned everything off except 'documents' and 'images' so these are saved in the clipboard for Diodon to use, but nothing else is stored) 6) Restart Diodon if you had it running before installing Zeitgeist, then you can map Diodon to a keyboard shortcut (directions in Diodon's 'preferences'), I used 'super-v' as in Windows. Not easy but it seems to work. Note: in Firefox (I'm running 93) you have to be quick with your custom shortcut or else Diodon won't open. Seems to work perfectly in a text file. Pastes plain text only, which I prefer. 5 starts because it includes pasting images and comparable alternatives I tried I couldn't get to work.

richolate 1 year ago

Diodon parece ser la alternativa de "clip it" para debian osea "LMDE" (linux mint debian), y hasta ahora funciona bien, si la recomiendo es facil y simple. (Diodon seems to be the alternative of "clip it" for debian, that is "LMDE" (linux mint debian), and so far it works well, if I recommend it it is easy and simple.)

yagmuradam 1 year ago

Must have app, it works perfectly after restart.

Samwolf 2 years ago

Works perfect on Linux mint but need add hotkeys. This is must have:)

tintenpatronen1112 2 years ago

Works very well in Linux Mint 20.2 MATE edition.

mrtabaa 2 years ago

Doesn't work with 20.1 Cinnamon

jerome6969 2 years ago

Fonctionne très bien sous LinuxMint 20.1 Cinnamon. Il faut cependant redemarrer la session après l'avoir installé.

c64club 3 years ago

Finally! Works in Mint 20 Xfce. Mint couldn't use ANY multi clipboard software from 8.x or 9.x (when multi clipboard disappeared from default installation) up to 19.x . Now in 20, all multi-clipboarders work, just install and enjoy.

deckard 3 years ago

Does not work on Linux Mint 19.3.

th3pr0ph3t 4 years ago

Not for Linux Mint Xfce. It didn't work on it.

ak_bars 6 years ago


kochloeffel 8 years ago

Einfach Super! Arbeitet perfekt mit Linux Mint 17.1 Cinnamon

rewyllys 9 years ago

Very nice. And it's the only clipboard manager I could get to work in Linux Mint 17.

rs1964 9 years ago

very nice

Oporus 9 years ago

Seems OK but only 3 of the history are visible for pasting, you have to scroll through to see the rest

KiLLA 10 years ago

It puts cool fishie icon on menu panel.. Like it!!! Linux Mint 15 cinnamon

pazuzuthewise 10 years ago

Lightweight clipboard manager that integrates well with cinnamon. It also remembers images.