Full-featured graphical FTP/FTPS/SFTP client
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FileZilla is a full-featured FTP client with an easy-to-use GUI.

It is written in C++ and uses the wxWidgets library.

FileZilla includes the following features: * Supports FTP, FTP over SSL/TLS (FTPS) and SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) * IPv6 support * Available in more than 40 languages * Supports resume and transfer of large files >4GB * Easy to use Site Manager and transfer queue * Bookmarks * Drag & drop support * Speed limits * Filename filters * Directory comparison * Network configuration wizard * Remote file editing * Keep-alive * HTTP/1.1, SOCKS5 and FTP Proxy support * Logging to file * Synchronized directory browsing * Remote file search * Tabbed interface to connect to multiple servers
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sn0wlink 3 months ago

There really isn't anything better. It's cross platform on Win, Linux and MacOS. you get a consitent interface and the ability to export your configuration to your other machines. If it supported FXP it would be perfect.

Miki 4 months ago

My first choice for FTP-clients what I still know from Windows-times, now in Linux same use inside the program. So very useful also for people with own webspace in their own country to do not need to use big cloud-services.

PanSamorost 5 months ago

I use it for file syncing for my static website (Hugo) and it gets the job done just fine. Only complain would be the lack of a simple shortcut/button for entire folder synchronization that WinSCP in Windows has.

BrotherAlameen 8 months ago

This is the best FTP Client to exist in any Operating System; I've been using Filezilla mainly for Web Server Transfers and it's working quite well; I recommend an update though for the security of the users of this platform.

moner 8 months ago

Distributor ID: Linuxmint Description: Linux Mint 21 Release: 21開啟多頁籤會破圖

toomyg155 10 months ago

FileZilla is the best FTP client there is. !!!

dreammoonknight 1 year ago

I want to say thanks. The program worked excellently.

biker95 1 year ago


Almaz 1 year ago

The application is definitely great. But the tab appearance of this application (version 3.51.0) in LinuxMint looks strange.

Jess0514 1 year ago

A must have app.

roger 1 year ago

It's by far the best FTP software

Tanise 1 year ago

Still using this FTP software after many years

Thrall 2 years ago

It's simply the best FTP software you can use atm.

salim1992 2 years ago

I have been using this FTP software for a long time, great FTP

Canis 2 years ago

It's probably the best FTP file management solution, it's easy to use and it comes with everything you need.

Lightspeed 2 years ago

I've been using this FTP software for years, it's great

Jack-Herer 2 years ago

Good ftp

n2roy 2 years ago

running smoothly

Thomas_Riedel 2 years ago

Schon seit Jahren, plattformübergreifend, das beste FTP Programm.

josta 3 years ago

Macht was es soll und funktioniert super