non-linear video editor
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Flowblade Movie Editor is designed to provide a fast, precise and as-simple-as-possible editing experience.

Flowblade employs film style editing paradigm in which clips are usually automatically placed tightly after the previous clip - or between two existing clips - when they are inserted on the timeline. Edits are fine-tuned by trimming in and out points of clips, or by cutting and deleting parts of clips. Film style editing is faster for creating programs with mostly straight cuts and audio splits, but may be slower when programs contain complex composites unless correct work flow is followed.
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miguelnixon 3 years ago

V1.12. Mint XFCE 19.3 (fresh install) Flowblade can not import MP4 files!! It just crashes ;-\ " Unknown request in queue while dequeuing"

adrigen 3 years ago

Unfortunately, this crashed instantly.

L0cutus 3 years ago

After load a clip -> crash every time

Roygillett 3 years ago

Reliably crashed and exited every time I tried to load a media clip

nepali 3 years ago

Crashes when loading any media to Bin so i can't even start using it to give a fair review.

Wendell-Wolf 3 years ago

Works better than the ones with better reviews. Experienced no problems and does everything I need.

TrumblebumSky 5 years ago

Unable to access any media. Media dependancies are absent. This version 0.14 is from 2007 (I think) and the current version is 1.16 according to the google group supporting Flowblade. Kinda need to find out how to update this version.

hobbledehoy899 6 years ago

Don't get me wrong, flowblade is the greatest video editor for Linux, but this repo version will NEVER do it justice! This package is ancient!

AiOGajo 7 years ago

Seems to work fine here...

Peferling 8 years ago

Will not load any video format. Missing transitions//filters. Libraries/dependencies missing.

timothybeighton 8 years ago

awful would not load avi. format...clunky, and unusable...waste of downlaond time for me...and I need an editor fast

osaq 8 years ago

stabil, schnell unf einfach zu bedienen