timothybeighton Timothy Beighton
United Kingdom

I am an artist working in mixed media on board/canvas.

I am from Sheffield in the UK.
Always open to sales of the original pieces, collaborations and exhibitions with other creative people!

I also teach occasionally, as do I teach on short contracted work.

I have extensive technical experiences of Art production and printmaking and am open and available for consultation.

I encourage you to buy original works and original canvas’ (most are uncommonly different from the digital image) directly from myself at approximately GB£300+ (or equivilent) per work including postage. Payments can be made directly to me by international bankers order, or in person.
email me at with your requirements, or if you actually know me personally, through the normal methods in such transactions.

It may be of consequence to know, I am ‘collected’, and as such my originals have a resale value above that of redbubble merchandise, even if I have signed it.

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