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FontForge is a font editor. Use it to create, edit and convert fonts in OpenType, TrueType, UFO, CID-keyed, Multiple Master, and many other formats.

This package also provides these programs and utilities: fontimage - produce a font thumbnail image; fontlint - checks the font for certain common errors; sfddiff - compare two font files.
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Marek 3 years ago

I don't hate it but it keeps crashing on LinuxMint 19 (tara), 3.28.2 (Ubuntu), Mate desktop, sorry. I installed Birdfont instead, works fine.

vahid-mint 6 years ago


Uncle_Snail 7 years ago

This is a wonderful program for making fonts. It is easy and the fonts work on Linux. However, I tried to export them to Windows, and I have not yet succeeded in getting it working properly. (However, I'm sure looking it up for a few hours would show me the answer.) Keep in mind however, that if you are not used to vector graphics, or graphics design in general, this program may be cumbersome to use. There is a feature to "free draw" your letters, but I don't recommend it, as it takes up way more of your computer's resources to display the font than necessary. However, if you would like to make a font that you will type something out with, then export to a picture, you may want to consider using that built-in tool if you do not want to spend the time learning a little about vector graphics.

halfcreep 8 years ago

훌륭하지만 사용에는 연습이 조금 필요한 프로그램

Angelc 9 years ago

Buono per creare fonts personalizzati

Qruqs 9 years ago

Editing is far too cumbersome to make it useful for this. I prefer exporting the glyph so I can edit in Inkscape. Add: it's getting from bad to worse! Select all handles on a glyph, press Ctrl, yields a segmentation fault (program simply vanishes). Bug seems to be known, but nobody does anything about it, so you hav to either work around it, or fix it yourself (don't compile with -O2 seems to be what to do). Getting my hopes up for better font handling in Inkscape. FontForge in the repos is currently useless!

Sweyn78 10 years ago

It does the job. Had some pretty silly crashes on cygwin (pretty much whenever I used a keyboard shortcut), but it works just fine on Linux. Wish the GUI weren't so fugly, but it's themable, so there's something.

ufannan 10 years ago

i like this

kennethb 11 years ago

Randomly hangs. No idea why. Apart from that it's cool!

jasonjohnwells 11 years ago

manage and remix fonts better then any open source app

hellangel 12 years ago

this is a good editor best to me should be at top

-and- 12 years ago

Just great

photon 12 years ago

FontForge is very good font editor that supports a wide range of font formats and other graphic formats