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2015-12-02 03:28:30

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Pen and Touch Medium
Wacom Graphics Tablet, Works perfectly
Mint (older version)
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"This is a wonderful program for making fonts. It is easy and the fonts work on Linux. However, I tried to export them to Windows, and I have not yet succeeded in getting it working properly. (However, I'm sure looking it up for a few hours would show me the answer.) Keep in mind however, that if you are not used to vector graphics, or graphics design in general, this program may be cumbersome to use. There is a feature to "free draw" your letters, but I don't recommend it, as it takes up way more of your computer's resources to display the font than necessary. However, if you would like to make a font that you will type something out with, then export to a picture, you may want to consider using that built-in tool if you do not want to spend the time learning a little about vector graphics."
"Great interface and easy usablility. Can set custom alarm sounds per alarm, or make it open a program. I use it every day. My only complaint is that it is hard to see which alarms will go off when, if you have a large amount of them. This is just my preference, that I think it's hard to scroll through the list. After all, it's not a scheduling application (basically what I use it for though)."
"Amazing for photo editing, and even for drawing and painting. I have been using for years, and it is still awesome."
"An amazing 3D software that is highly powerful, and has an awesome user base, which allows for easy learning through many internet tutorials."
"Great softwear. Captures high quality video with easy access and interface. Capture audio and region also work well, and there is no noticable lag saving or compling/rendering the capture. Of all I've used, this is the best. :)"