The GNU Image Manipulation Program
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GIMP is an advanced picture editor. You can use it to edit, enhance, and retouch photos and scans, create drawings, and make your own images. It has a large collection of professional-level editing tools and filters, similar to the ones you might find in Photoshop. Numerous fine-control settings and features like layers, paths, masks, and scripting give you total control over your images.

Many image file formats are supported, including JPEG, Photoshop (.psd), and Paint Shop Pro (.psp) files. It can also be used to scan and print photos.

To open files remotely (like over HTTP), install the gvfs-backends package.

To use a MIDI device (like a musical keyboard) as an input controller in GIMP, install libasound2 and read the how-to at /usr/share/doc/gimp/README.MIDI
Latest reviews
TopSkillFR 3 weeks ago

I love it. It's really easy to learn (better than photoshop).

Chatzen 1 month ago

Almost as good as photoshop, but it's free :)

plimboster 1 month ago

Много добро.

arti17 1 month ago

in the software manager there is no new version. Why? .apng support required

MDIntisar 2 months ago

would like the latest version

Ludoren 2 months ago

Great alternative to photoshop

Matisse 3 months ago

Best free photoshop :D

Poetician 3 months ago

Free, powerful, and not PS.

Uriel 4 months ago

The best FREE photo editor.

super-seo-master 4 months ago

I use it for photo editing. And it work well. No need to pay for PS.

Steampunkavenue 5 months ago

It's a great image editor. And it's free!

Flygernon 5 months ago

Version 2.x is a real jewel. We're really getting closer to the big photo editing software.

Akolweis 5 months ago

Great free alternative to photoshop

LSEM 6 months ago

Gimp was well working, but now it won't launch on my computer...

Maurice045 7 months ago


RonaldQuilao 7 months ago

I installed the flatpak version from the software manager, so i could get the Gimp 2.10.8 version, the latest. it took (737MB ) then after that, it worked flawlessly on my Linux Mint 19.1 64bit Tessa. my friend told me to use this as he has been using it to develop quality graphics

enricopitea 8 months ago

Just Perfect and easy to use

sunshinekid 10 months ago

I've been using GIMP for several years now. Best one hands down. For very minor changes, I might use a less complicated program, but this does more, and as such, know that there are many functions other programs simply do not have.

Mint-Account 10 months ago

It's great, i have used Gimp for years as main software. However i still feel it a bit stiff/uncomfortable in use. But how could i survive without it? :)

shundread 11 months ago

First thing to do with it is go to window -> single window mode, it's pretty good. It has a bunch of hiccups on supporting my drawing tablet's pressure sensitivity.