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Inkscape is an illustration editor which has everything needed to create professional-quality computer art. You can use it to make diagrams and illustrations, technical drawings, web graphics, clip art, icons and logos. A collection of hands-on tutorials show you how to combine lines, shapes and text of different types and styles to build up a picture.

A selection of powerful vector graphics editing tools comes as standard. There is excellent support for paths, gradients, layers, alpha transparency and text flow control. An extensive library of filters allow you to apply realistic effects and extensions allow you to work with bitmaps, barcodes and printing marks, amongst other things.

Most of the common vector formats are supported, including PDF, Adobe Illustrator and AutoCAD files, and it has unrivalled support for the SVG web graphics standard.
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ferdous 2 days ago

Lovely. I dont need any more. May be seasoned Illustrator user might suggest few more features to add in future.

phoinx 1 week ago

Excellent! Has some issues, but still remarkable!

jsflores 2 weeks ago


VGDESIGN 2 months ago

Very good and easy to use :)

plimboster 2 months ago

Много добро.

Ephata 6 months ago

C'est quasiment le seul bon logiciel de dessin vectoriel, mais l'interface est moche, elle n'est plus au goût du jour...

pacoexe 7 months ago

Excelente editor de vectores, muy profesional, fácil de utilizar y con una interfaz bastante intuitiva, realmente es muy competente; la recomiendo para uso personal o de negocios, sus funciones y características lo posicionan muy bien en el campo profesional.

syechbawazier 7 months ago

Awesome, I modified it so it's a dark theme

Maurice045 9 months ago

For me its unusable withourt dark theme

famaral 1 year ago

It is not perfect, but is free and more than enough for svg

jeffmcneill 1 year ago

Use this almost daily, nothing compares

Kulla 1 year ago

Ein Zeichenprogramm, das ich sowohl für technische Skizzen, als auch für das remixen von Cliparts gerne nutze. Sehr stabil und mit breit unterstütztem SVG-Format!

Caltrop 1 year ago

snap to guide does not work as much else does not work

MARTINSPB10 1 year ago


vah_spy 1 year ago

pls fix i can't download or install in my machine

ThiagoTVarella 1 year ago

Ótimo editor de desenho vetorial! Nunca usei as alternativas pagas pra comparar mas sinceramente não sinto falta.

cybernaut 1 year ago

This is a great vector editor. I use it a lot to edit Cinnamon themes.

tictactux 1 year ago

I use it with Libreoffice Draw to create, clean up and proof EPS files for merchandise suppliers

wanek1667 1 year ago

Лучший в свойм роде заменитель Корела. При переходе с Корела очень долго привыкал, но это того стоит.

oakbox 1 year ago

Couldn't do my job without this software. Flexible, easy to use, great program.