versatile media player for KDE
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Kaffeine is a media player for KDE based on VLC, which gives it a wide variety of supported media types and lets Kaffeine access CDs, DVDs, and network streams easily. Kaffeine also has an excellent support of digital TV (DVB).

Kaffeine can keep track of multiple playlists simultaneously, and supports autoloading of subtitle files for use while playing video.
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SeniorNerd 7 months ago

This worked very well about one year ago with my WinTV-quadHD tuner, then it would only record one channel at a time for about a month or so, then no channels. Now, it won't even produce any channel scan results. The hardware works fine in Windows using the Hauppauge software, WinTV v8.5.

mf675913 1 year ago

URL is old (newer one is https://apps.kde.org/kaffeine/) , When I selected 'LOAD" in 'Software Manager' it loads the application MythTV. Not sure why.

eldeso97 6 years ago

I tried to open a .mp4 file and the movie screen was just black (but you can hear sound)

allis0 6 years ago

Great for TV

dingofx 7 years ago

For DVB-TV USB the best player

mihaicoman 8 years ago

How can I add a satellite that is not listed.

Kasizzle 8 years ago

Swiggity swaggity swooty, I'm comin' for that booty!

markusobi 9 years ago

Works perfect for me using a dvb-s device!

hilly53 9 years ago

A must have for TV (dvb-t) recording and viewing. Install is a breeze just as it should be.

ArkadioG 9 years ago

It's great but, sometimes it cannot handle all files - than i have to use VLC. But interface is much better than VLC.

mabo2000 9 years ago

1. Herstellerseite/IN checken nach linux unterstützung Beispiel Hauppauge WinTV-MiniStick (USB 2.0, DVB-T) Modell 55009 - wird unterstützt. Getestet in Ubuntu 11.04. http://www.hauppauge.de/site/support/support_linux.html 2. Firmware herunterladen Die Firmware muss heruntergeladen und nach /lib/firmware kopiert werden 3.Some distributions like Ubuntu have packaged some of these firmwares into a package like "linux-firmware-nonfree". Try sudo apt-get install linux-firmware-nonfree 4. Player installieren: Koffeine enjoy!

wolfgang51 10 years ago

Für DVB-T, Video, Audio einfach super.

FramBeTy 10 years ago

Works with my official card/CI on HB BisTV with some glitches, but good

germulvey 10 years ago

By far the best DVB-S tuner for tv

nzc3 10 years ago

Just worked out of the box for TV DVB-T. Synced regional channels - like on a normal TV, and that's it. Just perfect!

rjt66 11 years ago

Essential for DVB-T

yurchenkoms 11 years ago

Player does not play a lot of formats. This is unacceptable. I suppose it should be removed from mint repo

gepko 11 years ago

na veel software te hebben geprobeerd is dit de enige die ik persoonlijk goed aan de praat krijg met de skystar 2 kaart beeld is prima geluid is prima

The_Loko 11 years ago

I just use it for DVB-T, is the best one!

lunatic52 11 years ago

es el que siempre uso para ver DVT la tele desde el pc