hilly53 Phil

Have been a Linux user since about 2003 with only the occasional play with it in years before that.  Once I was able to install it easily enough I have never turned back. 

I still run various distros in Virtualbox but continually come back to KDE based distros and have only recently returned to the Mint KDE variant having tried it a couple of years back but not seeing any real advantages in using it over Kubuntu at the time. 

I still keep a copy of Windows XP installed in Virtualbox which is use solely for software which I have that will only run in Windows and I use so that I can interchange data with other people who are still tied to Windows.  Other than that it is just a decoration in Virtualbox.

I live in Western Australia and am now a stay at home individual having had to give up work due to health issues.  This has given me a lot of time to mess about on the PC at times and I do enjoy my Photography (Mainly Western Australian Native Orchids), Genealogy and Motorsports - mainly Formula 1, MotoGP and Superbikes.

Prior to finishing work I used to work as a Logistics Manager amongst other titles for Australia Post.

The one other thing that I have a hankering for is Datsun 510's (1600's).  Three of my four sons own Datsun 510's,  with each of them having modified or in the process of modifying them.



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"A must have for TV (dvb-t) recording and viewing. Install is a breeze just as it should be."
"As ClamAV is basically looking for Windows infections it shouldn't be aproblem for the Linux OS. I find it fine and use it to make sure I am not vehicle for spreading infections"
"Really useful software, especially reporting options and gramplets."