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Quadro FX 1700
Nvidia Graphics/Video/TV card, Works perfectly on Nadia
Quadro FX 1700
Nvidia Graphics/Video/TV card, Works perfectly on Katya
ProBook 430 G2
HP Laptop or Netbook, Works perfectly on Rosa
Laser Gaming M. Phoenixx
conceptronic Mouse, Works perfectly on Katya
Precision T5400
Dell PC, Works perfectly on Katya
T5400 Workstation
Dell PC, Works perfectly on Nadia
SyncMaster 225MD
Samsung Screen/Monitor, Works perfectly on Katya
WinTV HVR-3000
Hauppauge TV tuner, Works perfectly on Nadia
Quickcam Pro 4000
Logitech Webcam, Works perfectly on Nadia
Favorite software:
"Just love it, syncs with google, calendar and contacts. Now not only on mobile but alos on my LIN machine. Defenite one of the want to have ones."
"Just the best. You can have them all together. The only thing but that will happen with all of them, si the video ... ;)."
"One of the best installers at all for a lot of distros. I allways use it to prepare my USB installation sticks, why "destry" a CD if you can have a USB stick rewritten with unetbootin. Just excellent!"
"Just worked out of the box for TV DVB-T. Synced regional channels - like on a normal TV, and that's it. Just perfect!"
"One of the first programs to be installed. Multiplatform (iOS, Android, Windows and Linux). Just excellent."
"I just love it it gets better and better all the time. Also language support for ES and DE is perfect!"
"Just great; the only thing is that I hope MS will not drop support for the Linux platforms. This would be a reall draw back . But for the moment, excellent support and works great."
"Just no comments, its the greatest multiplatform playaer ever ... maybe its also the only one. Plus all extra functions most of us usually do not use, streaming, tv, etc."
"Just excellent, lightweight, fast, accurate and has import/export function. Delicious!"
"It's just excellent. You can use the Windows version in your win machine and the Linux one and sync upo config via the XML. Just excellent. Couldn't imagine my PC without it."
"Thera are people who use IE, some others FF, the newbies Chrome ... and there is us, the ones who just can not live without the Nordic Browser ... just excellent when you get known the gestures :-)."
"The Software is excellent, but unfortunatelly to have the very latest verion I had to uninstall the package, and go to playonlinux webpage and follow octellot installation path to have latest version running which solves a graphic problem for 3D graphic recognition."